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  • snogreen snogreen Jun 16, 2011 1:19 PM Flag

    Restasis no#2 drug, AGN

    WOW, I didn't realize this. I just checked Allergan's 10-Q first Q. It turns out that RESTASIS is a VERY important drug for Allergan! It is the companies no# 2 drug in sales. Their BOTOX (anti wrinke, sound familiar?) running 2011 at $364 million oper quarter. RESTASIS is running $162 million. And RESTASIS is growing 20% year over year. That should put RESTASIS sales at about $670 million for 2011. That is pushing Restasis towards the <<<BLOCKBUSTER>>> category....a huge money maker for AGN!

    All that is going to dissappear in LESS than three years for Allergan....cuz I showd that the RESTASIS patent expires.

    Since RESTASIS is the ONLY dry Eye drug approved, and AGN is all set up to sell and market dry eye drugs.....and I checked that AGN has no dry eye drug of in house research.....WHAT should Allergan do? Look for a NEW dry eye drug!

    Sound familiar? Who may have one???

    If RESTASIS is reaaching towards $700 million in sales, it IS almost a blockbuster drug, with hardly any patent life left. If RGRX can should a good pahse 2 of better efficacy that RESTASIS.....and is safe..then it is possible that TB 4 could be a near blockbuster drug too. More than ONE phara would be interested.

    But it al rides on if the Phs 2 can show the efficacy needed..and what the USPO decides. An issued patent is critical to get the interest of AGN.

    One would think more investors would take a shot/gamble/flyer on RGRX. An $18 million market cap? for an almost blockbuster drug category in dry eye...with only ONE drug approved and patent expiring?????

    Leave it to Finkelstein.

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