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  • snogreen snogreen Jun 19, 2011 11:31 AM Flag

    Toronto work, heart TB 4.good

    Wow, another research piece this time by researchers in Toronto.on using TB 4 in a controlled release fashion top repair heart muscle damage. Pretty impressive:

    The summary lines:

    <<Hydrogels with encapsulated Tβ4 significantly increased cell migration and outgrowth of CD31-positive capillaries from mouse and rat epicardial explants in vitro, compared to Tβ4-free and soluble controls. Potential advantage of Tβ4 over commonly-used angiogenic growth factors is that it can induce recruitment and differentiation of both endothelial and smooth muscle cells necessary for vascular stability. Importantly, Tβ4-encapsulated collagen-chitosan hydrogels promoted angiogenesis in vivo upon subcutaneous injection, compared to collagen-only hydrogels.>>

    wht is it Finkel Boob can't get anythongdone. The abstratcs all over PubMed, relating to heart all extremely well. ANY other small, spec biotech woudl be having a FIELD day. Not finkle-doodle.

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