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  • snogreen snogreen Jun 30, 2011 10:13 AM Flag

    more @ USPO 6/19

    More filings by RGRX yesterday at USPO. These are responses to previous non final rejection. This one is about teh skin/wound areas It's reallly insane at USPO. They rejected the initial claim because many years ago some other had a patent for Thymosin Fraction . That is completely different that TB 4. But, within T Fraction 5 is a small amount of TB 4. But so small it coudl never be used. So the USPO claims that that tiny fraction of TB 4 that is in T Fraction 5, creates a patent for TB 4. Crazy.

    NEXT? They refused teh patent because they said it is a "double patent" situation. GET THIS! They refused it because Dr. Goldstein already HAS a patent on it! HUHHH? The USPO claims that that can't double paent because they gave Goldstein a patent for TB 4 FOR SEPTIC SHOCK!...Sepsis. RGRX responded incredulously. Septic shock has nothing do with skin or wound areas. These people at USPO are insane. But take it the REVERSE! If the USPO CLAIMS that the patent granted to Goldstein for SEPSIS prevnts them for granting a TB 4 patent for skin/wounds etc...then? Ergo? The USPO is stating that the patent issued for Sepsis to Goldstein COVERS skin and wounds? THUS? That means RGRX is patented for skin and wounds?

    The Wall Street Journal should do an expose article about the insanity at the USPO. And use RGRX as their poster boy...of 15 years of nothing but bureaucratic nightmares. Which have cost RGRX dearly.

    BTW? The head of the law firm filed the reply, not the usual PHD lawyer lady.

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