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  • I don't think much of a connection between SGNX, RGRX or QCOR......because of Cavazzzas. if that was true??? EVERY QCOR holder woudl be all over RGRX, because Cavass were vbuying QCOR in 25 to 50 cent range hugely. And QCOR is now $27.00!! It's the QCOR players that shoudl be buying RGRX if they follow Cavazza sucess.

    SGNX? Who knows. But why does it get triple market cap and trade 1 million (or more) a day. RGRX has traded about 21,000 shares. The total value in dollars of todays trading is $4,000.

    So it's clear to me, no one draws or sees any connection to RGRX or any cavazas holdings.

    I thoiought that dosing tidbit VERY important bo......the FDA blessed this phase 2 dry eye by ORA...with NO demand for dose ranging limitations. RGRX and ORA chose the highest dose and went with it. i do think think improves chances of "Statistical" win. Because if RGRX had to dose a LOW end TB 4 at say, 0.02% the chances of good efficacy VERY slim. And THAt screws up all statistiacl measures and P values.

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    • So it's clear to me, no one draws or sees any connection to RGRX or any cavazas holdings.

      You find great facts sno. You just dont connect the investment dots. Have a good weekend.
      Great gains this week for those playing the c bros connection in sngx.

      Didnt get qcor, but bought scln and sngx on their lows. In each case negative sentiment was just as it is here. RGRX is next. What you say Mr B7??

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      • To me the connection is obvious...I try to post similar posts linking qcor, scln, rgrx and sngx on the scln board and most don't want to hear it... a few have started buying 10k blocks here last week...if you recall a while back when rgn was around $1.60 I told everyone here to sell all their rgn and put it into scln...sno and I went back and forth on market caps etc til he ignored me...but I was right and now mathematically, I believe the investment is here in rgrx...scln will double, I don't doubt that but rgrx is in the position that qcor and then scln was in, back when they were .42 and .62...that is when the money was made...I took scln at .92 when sno was calling me every name in the I am buying week I plan on adding...I want to build my base position while I trade and lower my cost basis... at only $1 we are profiting 400%...that could happen at any time...I don't see scln being able to make it to $30 in the same time frame...and who knows where rgrx could climb in 2 years...but the c bros are the figure heads and without one the people controlling all those funds they are tied into haven't allowed a reverse split, stepped in to push stock higher, took their piece of the pie, and bottom line have always been successful...anyone listening, don't follow me here, follow the money the c bros already tied up here and they will see this through...that has been their(funds controlling cash) game plan...

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