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  • snogreen snogreen Jul 27, 2011 3:54 PM Flag

    MM's cheating

    MArket makers cheating here. I noticed that last couple days NITE has been playing. In the last bit of trading NITE shows size offers. They did yesterday at 20. Well, they just tried it again. They showed 30,000 at ,20...and MM called CSTI showed 13,500 at .20 to follow,
    I know these are bogus offerings, usually nmeant as a print down end of day scam, if you are shoprt.

    I put an order in to buy 25,000 shares of the 43,000 offered at .20. I don't think I got any. I am fighting it now.

    Really sucks. They can scare market down showing size for sale.when in fact NONE they offer is for sale. They didn't like it when I came in for 25,000.

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    • axmichael Jul 27, 2011 4:06 PM Flag

      SNO, I just got a 20k block from that offer I think for .2 so they did have shares...

    • Now they are saying it was only a "partial" fill. Scum. NITE and CSTI offered between them 43,500 shares at .20...I guess they filled some of my 25k.

      If any of you want to risk buying NITE..they play games.and they seem to want to offer RGRX down....usually near end of day. That usually indicates they are short RGRX....but teh short interest is small.

      I can also give some <<<<GREAT>>>> news. MAybe I'll post full on it later.

      The NIH has started the process of TRANSFERRING the issued 2007 TB 4 patent they own, to Regenerx. The process started in MarchA/pril..but there was a bureaucratic paperwork glitch. but the KEY is the NIH had every intent to TRANSFER the isuued TB 4 United Staes PAtent to RGRX.

      FYI???? In the European Patent office a handful of other issued patents are being assigned to rgrx. They were previous in Goldstein or Finkelstein name...

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      • >>>watch NITE..they play games.<<<

        ~~~NITE's been on my radar screen since I started oniine trading in the mid '90's...I've found that I ALWAYS want to be on the side of the Market Makers, especially NITE...had a partial fill at .20 and a very small handful even filled at .195....

        ~~~Good find on the patents, sno...I think it's just a matter of time before the RGRX planets align....GLTA

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