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  • snogreen snogreen Mar 26, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

    Patent Office dopes, Henry Ford & MS

    Here's how bad it is a PAtent office, and RGRX has really suffered for 10 years of their incompetance. Henry ford Medical filed in 2009 a PAtent for TB 4 in MS, etc. In late Dec 2012 the USPO gave a non final rejection. why? the dopes there stated they didn't like the mouse model they used in pre clinical work. SO WHAT! but the best was this! The USPO REJECTED the patent filing because they stated that someone ELSE filed first for in in MS. I know NO ONE HAD! So I looked. The DOPES at the Patent office rejected because they saw that someone filed a patent in 2007 using THYMOSIN ALPHA 1 for MS. Idiots! Henry Ford filed for a whole DIFFERENt drug, Thymosn BETA 4. So the dope at USPO rejected. they had no clue that TA-1 and TB-4 are DIFFERENT DRUGS! Henry Ford's law firm responded January. The USPO should be sued for incompetance. MAybe Henry Ford waits to do a trial, until they know they control the drug.

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