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  • donker3 donker3 Mar 28, 2013 3:44 PM Flag


    From Lee's Pharma 2012 year end report under international partnerships (bottom page 4 and top of page 5):

    "The Group acquired a license from RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., a public traded
    biotechnology company in US for the development and selling of Thymosin Beta 4. One
    of the Group’s growing focused areas is ophthalmology. Currently, the Group has one
    product Eyprotor® launched into the market in China and several products are under
    development. The Group’s ophthalmology products are positioned to treat eye problem
    with significant unmet medical needs that include dry eye, cornea ulcer, uveitis and
    glaucoma, etc. The entering into of the license agreement will expand the variety of the
    type of products the Group offers and help the building of an ophthalmology franchise.

    During the year, the Group also expanded its partnership with Sigma-Tau by licensing
    three phase II enabling assets from them for China development. Both Rostafuroxin and
    Istaroxime are targeting cardiovascular diseases while Gimatecan is chemotherapy agent
    that has demonstrated good efficacy against malignancy such as ovarian cancer."

    Mauro Bove:
    -HEAD CORPORATE & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT at Sigma Tau Finanziaria S.p.A.
    -Director Lee's Pharm
    -Director Regenerx

    Sigma major owner Lee's
    Sigma maor owner Regenerx

    When there's this much "Financial Incest" going on ---------there's loyalties and royalties.....

    If Bove drops the ball and losses Regenerx's patent/IP.........
    He's going to have a problem with all the Lee's in China......
    Sigma Tau has major interests in China...
    Chinese won't be happy with them......

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    • hey Donk,

      it gets even more tangled...check out the ties between Benjamin Yi ceo of Lee's pharma and partner in GL Capitol and ST...Yi has the same tangled web of funds and subsidiaries in wife and family members names just like ST( Cavazza's)...GL Capital headquartered in Caymans with headquarters in Switzerland and Rome Italy...exact same as Sigma tau... I don't think ST can afford to let any of their holdings sink without people cashing in at some point...this is why nothing gets partnered out only partnered in and their list of major shareholders names all end in vowels and are from Italy for the most part...they turned millions into billions and with money comes power...and we are just pawns...but this pawn wont be greedy and I am following the money to the next payday...

      • 1 Reply to thebasiles777
      • B7,

        Nice post.....

        Will read/research Ben Yi....

        As to your:

        "and we are just pawns"

        maybe we should qualify that to ------"and they consider us to be just pawns"

        We are HUmans....

        It's a different/new day out there..... Eb and flow of power is changing....Money is flowing differently.....
        Different energies.... Different vibes.....

        What once seemed powerful and certain, is now tending uncertainty.

        Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

        I highly suspect more than just the Donk is looking at this situation. "They" pushed/set new limits of behavior here and as always that draws attention.

        What's obvious to a Donk must be a glaring insult to the 'Wise' and 'Understanding'

    • earth to donker. ST is very tied into Lee's.correct. Lee's and ST make our much better by seeing RGRX go bankrupt. then Lee's and ST could buy all TB 4 rights and patents, TOGETHER if they want....from the NIH.....very cheaply. Much cheaper than what RGRX mgmnt would ask fro rights and patents. ST and Lee's are a double edged sword. They can either be on RGRX's side......or not. EVERYTHING comes down to whether RGRX puts together a band-aid financing..and if ST is big in it.

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