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  • snogreen snogreen Apr 4, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    person taking TB 4 for ALS

    Here is the latest of what the person self buying & taking & dosing TB 4 for his ALS. He staryted in february:

    "I am still experimenting, on 2ml/sq every two weeks. Not sure why this substance is not in wider use by als?"

    he said on some earlier posts that some symptoms had been alleviated.

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    • As muscles and nerves waste away with this dreaded disease, it might make some sense that tb4 might help. Others has noted the interest in the muscle side by bodybuilders. There is no treatment for this; my uncle wasted away with ALS; the most horrible way to go, as mind stays sharp while body loses all functions slowly. Death is usually by drowning in own saliva as muscles needed for this function cease.
      Do you know if rgrx has a patent on this indication. ? So many possible indications, but here we are with nothing. Well, hopefully convert buyers know something.

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      • The neuro patents are filed, with henry Ford Hospital leading. It includes ALS, MS and Alzheimers etc. They got a "non final" rejection by USPO in January, because the DOPE at USPO stated that there was a previous patent filing for neuro, thus this one is void as too late. But the DOPE at the USPO was too stupid to see the the before filing was for TA-1 in neuro! Not TB 4! All he saw was Thymosin! idiot. Two different drugs TA-1 and TB 4. So I am sure Henry ford will straighten it out. Rules changed, so first toi file get's priority. henry ford did. Someone should email RGRX and tell them a very ill man w/ ALS is self medicating and dosing TB 4. Henry ford should know too. For God's sake, they shoudl be allowed to be in contact with the man. What is doctors oath? Do no harm??? He's doing his own dosing and upping it. but he said it seems to be doing something. F the FDA.

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