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  • donker3 donker3 Apr 19, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    The question is/or should be..............

    Is this a public company??????

    P. 21
    "As a result of Mr. Bove’s relationship with Lee’s and Sigma-Tau, Mr. Bove may be subject to
    a conflict of interest in fulfilling his duties to Lee’s, Sigma-Tau and us, in connection with these and other agreements and circumstances that
    may require the exercise of the Board’s discretion with respect to Lee’s. These conflicts could potentially result in decisions that may not be in
    the best interest of our other stockholders"

    P. 47
    "In determining the independence of Mr. Bove, the board of directors took into account the significant ownership of our common stock
    by Sigma-Tau and its affiliates and our License Agreement with Lee’s Pharmaceuticals. The board of directors does not believe that any of the
    transactions with Lee’s or Sigma-Tau and its affiliates described in this report has interfered or would reasonably be expected to interfere with
    Mr. Bove’s exercise of independent judgment in carrying out his responsibilities as a director of our company"

    The Italians/Romans have obviously bought the "Steins" and "Board".......
    All moves have are to their benefit-NOT general stockholders......
    They have absconded with all the overseas rights for a song and a dance......
    They have a history of being "financial psychopaths" marauding as "helpers of the little people".....

    Fortunately for us, the Universe is 'based/built/run' off justice.

    The Donk

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    • Last I checked Sigma Tau/Cavazza entities owned about 30,000,00 shares of RGRX. If I had to guess, I would think their cost basis is between $1 and $2 a share. So they have a paper loss of somewhere between $30 and $60 million. I can't imagine they are very happy here? They didn't steal anything. They'va paid thru the nose if you ask me.

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      • Sno,

        It's not a question of their "investment"........

        It's a question of their "undue influence".......

        There's a perverted "mindset" among the people who work in the financial world. It believes that if someone throws enough money on the ground the world populace should dance at their feet, want people to consider them their 'savior"/ or come to their 'rescue', kiss their rings, ect. They think they can buy 'justice'. On a worldly stage from their 'lackeys' maybe so. Not on a Cosmic/Universal level tho.

        I suppose they should be thankful for their 'long run' but times have changed.

        I remember your weird post where you were acting like a pope/pontif once. LOL

        The Donk

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