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  • snogreen snogreen Jun 18, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    Avon wants TB4 now. Patent filing.

    Well, well. I bet the company that RGRX has talked with about TB 4 for cosmetics/ AVON. But it never worked out. So AVON is doing an "end run" around RGRX. In dec 2011 they filed for a patent where they come up with a "substance" that "STIMULATES" TB 4 production. Notice the fine line. They don't try and patent TB 4, but only a substance that "STIMULATES" TB 4 production to heal skin & wrinkles. On JUNE 13, 2013 the USPO published this patent application. Got to USPO and read yourself: #20130149397. I hope RGRX's patent lawyers are made awae and they contact the USPO. It shows AVON wants TB 4. I am sure that whatever "substance" they try that "simulates" TB 4, is NOT as good as using full stregnth peptide TB 4. Are you on top of this Finkel Boob??

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    • Sno, it appears this is just the latest in RGRX's litany of "failures to bond" - - partnering with anyone seems beyond the Fink's ability. How many times has he approached a potential and come away, not only empty-handed, but like this time: with Avon's egg on his face " We can go it alone without him".

      Our BOD, hopefully, eventually, will see the light of day and evaluate the Fink on ACCOMPLISHMENT - - in some 9 years, has there been one?

    • From the filing. FYI? Avon plans to use plants and botanticals to 'stimulate" TB 4. A marketing sham I bet.

      "1. A method for improving the aesthetic appearance of human skin comprising topically applying to an area of the skin in need thereof an effective amount of an active agent, other than a retinoid, that stimulates human thymosin beta-4 expression, for a time sufficient to improve the aesthetic appearance of said human skin.

      2. The method according to claim 1, wherein said aesthetic improvement of said human skin is selected from the group consisting of: (a) treatment, reduction, and/or prevention of fine lines or wrinkles; (b) reduction of skin pore size; (c) improvement in skin thickness, plumpness, and/or tautness; (d) improvement in skin smoothness, suppleness and/or softness; (e) improvement in skin tone, radiance, and/or clarity; (f) improvement in procollagen, and/or collagen production; (g) improvement in maintenance and remodeling of elastin; (h) improvement in skin texture and/or promotion of retexturization; (i) improvement in skin barrier repair and/or function; (j) improvement in appearance of skin contours; (k) restoration of skin luster and/or brightness; (l) replenishment of essential nutrients and/or constituents in the skin; (m) improvement of skin appearance decreased by aging and/or menopause; (n) improvement in skin moisturization; (o) increase in skin elasticity and/or resiliency; (p) treatment, reduction, and/or prevention of skin sagging; (q) improvement in skin firmness; and (r) reduction of pigment spots and/or mottled skin.

      3. The method according to claim 1, wherein the ability of said active agent to stimulate thymosin beta-4 expression has been determined by an assay which measures expression levels of thymosin beta-4 in a cell that has been contacted with said active agent.

    • Someone, me thing mm, is chasing the bid higher. Maybe wanting to cover to lower a little of that exposure. Maybe, rgrx doesn't go under and mm got a lot of stock to buy. Size bid at .08, haven't seen that is a while

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      • I'm dying to buy a lot more, but I can't/won't. I need a better explanation of the EB stuff. It kind of reads like the changed trial protocol of FEB 2013, might remove the placebo comp[arator. if that is so, there is no worry of the placebo response seen. Then FDA votes on the 8 of 22 healed completely and safely w/ TB 4. The P value on that arn is 0.05 and that is good enough for FDA approval. especially since it is a Orphan Drug and no safety or side effects. I just need to know what the hell RGRX and FDA will do with the EB results. RGRX is silent. if FDA ever does give a review of EB for approval, I would gamble a lot more at these prices. But we just don't know what is what. I wouldn't risk being short a few million, like our MM is....or shorting tens of thousands of more warrants at 2.6 cents. Potential suicide.

      • If mm is on bid trying to cover, he already has a problem because he cant hit offer at .087 since that more than likely is his offer. .087 is there just to keep cap on stock. IF real buyers start hitting offer, mm gets effectively more short trying to protect his position. Big problem IF rgrx can post some real pr

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