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  • sdhoolteach2000 sdhoolteach2000 Jul 10, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

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    and none shorted. Is Lee's about to announce a dry eye clinical?

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    • Even if Lee's does do a dry eye trial, it won't help that much. Even if good results, it wouldn't be transferrable for use to our FDA. But where it could help is if Lee's foscuses their endpoint in the three sub sections of cornea, which were not endpoints on our trial..but they did see statistically good result. So if Lee's ever does that...that human data can be translated over to Ora Inc, who could attempt to match the results.. But RGRX has no time to wait for a slow trial by Lee's..nor does RGRX have the money for a another trial by Ora.. So we sit.

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      • Getting monies is the key to rgrx's survival, as we well know. Should Lee's begin a dry eye clinical and focus on the sub sections of the cornea, and get reproducible results, the monies should be available. There could be another band aid if there is some assurance by Lee's that a clinical will begin shortly. Here's hoping.

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      • Sno, all that is needed is a statement from rgrx that the FDA has agreed to new trial protocol, using the secondary endpoints from the last trial, as the new primary endpoints. We know Fink has said that they are going to meet with the FDA. Have they done so? Who knows.
        But, stock will rally bigtime just on that news. Because we know that rgrx can dublicate those results. And indication is huge and growing.

    • Do you think NITE gets inside information? Is there any history of NITE significantly changing their spreads before the release of positive information?

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      • No, I don't think NITE has any access to inside information. I guarantee you that the person at NITE who handles RGRX trades, knows FAR less about RGRX or TB 4 than we do. My hunch is that the way to make real money in small spec or penny stock bios, is to be short all of many as possible. The majority of them languish for years or fail. They have big cash burn, so along the way they constantly dilute and sell more and more shares. I bet that NITE has large shorts in 200-300 tiny bios that they are MM in. They will lose on some....but being short many of them..they make it up. RGRX is just one they are short. I believe NITE is short 2-3 million, unreported to SEC short interest filings..because NITE breaks the rules and they label the short as a "market making" trade...when it fact it is a "POSITION TRADE" and they simply use their MM statuts to keep a lid on the price. they wait for RGRX to go BK. SEC rules don't allow POSITION trades in a MM account. That is not buy/sell/buy/sell daily. That is where NITE does RGRX and probably dozens of other penny bios as well.

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