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  • snogreen snogreen Nov 17, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    Glaxo did TWO TB4 studies

    Interesting, Glaxo did TWO rat studies TB 4 heart attack. To read all they did do a google of this…..Thymosin beta 4 treatment preserves hemodynamic function and attenuates hypertrophic responses following ischemic cardiac injury in the rat……..the second study at the borttom read better than teh first longer one. Seeing that Glaxo just got a big setbacl last week on the main new heart drung in trials ( a big Phase 3)…..I hope that Glaxo is scouting around for more candidates. The FDA has already approvd all the pre clinical and toxicity stuff .for human trials of TB 4. RGRX already has the Phase 1 done in humans.and it passed fine. It would seem to me that Glaxo should at least try a small Phase 2 with TB 4 to see what happens. FDA is all set to go with it, once GMP making of TB 4 is approved.…and Glaxo can do that. All they risk is a handful of millions to do a small phase 2. And A Glazo team was studying TB 4 with their own tests. My guess is this is why RGRX kept doing the hail-mary see what Glaxo would say when they are done studying TB 4 in rats. they are….and last week Glaxo got a big setback with their lead heart drug candidate. Time for a TB 4 gamble, Glaxo? If they do take a shot…NITE and their multi million short position at, like, 6 cents……won't look very good. If Glaxo passes on TB 4, say by bye.

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    • Sno, as usual you present an assumption; that glaxo study is the reason for short term finance deals; and then state it as fact. Then, add an hysterical comment connected to your "fact"; rgrx is done if glaxo doesn't do a deal here. You are nothing if not consistent.
      Everyone here is as much in the dark as we were before your glx find. Who knows what glx will do, but it is just one on many possibilities.
      Now, cut out the nonsense. The waiting continues...........

      • 1 Reply to bocamp1
      • Hey dope. I never stated it as fact GLX taking it.. I said it made sense. GLX took a while to do their in house tests.We now nknow they HAVE BEEN. RGRX had to do 3-4 tinyt band aid financings. RGRX was WAITING on something. SO? Name one other thing tat make s sense? Lees Pharma in HK? NOPE! Lee's hasn't lifted one finger on ANY TB 4 trial. What about the Neuro possibility with Henry Ford?. NOPE! I don't think so. At end of August the USPO gave a 'Final Rejection" of the multi years try of Henry ford getting patent for TB 4 in neuro. I don't think that H.F. could get approvals to spend a handful of millions --- if they DO NOT have the IP on what they spend $$$ on. So tell me, brainiac..WHAT ELSE IS IT that RGRX did 3-4 band aids for? Humm? WHAT? It was obviously SOMETHING they knew was in the works, or being studied. And right now the best scenario is that RGRX was waiting on what Glaxo did. I also stated VERY clearly, that if it is the Glaxo reserach RGRX was waiting on…and Glaxo passed afterwards…. on TB 4 after….that basically we're toast in 2014. No way can the $250,000 band aids go one forever. There was ONE thing they were waiting on to justify doing them. It looks to me like it was the Glaxo work. So now we wait and see if Glaxo bites. IMO.

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