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  • fl_geezer fl_geezer Nov 19, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    More of the same

    last trade was 2,000 #$%$ $0.0481 = $96.20 - - - PLUS COMMISSION!
    Who is the big spender ?

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    • Get used to such prints. You've got the next 5 weeks a PRIMO tax loss selling season..of which there are a lot of, in RGRX. When you add in the the general market is up 20% to 25% for the year….that is a lot of gains….and that will cause a lot of folks who have leftover RGRX shares to do what looks right. Sell it and us the loss to offest other larger gains. The MM's are FULLY aware of tax losses and RGRX is prime for more selling…and they are more than happy to drop their bids lower and lower..and those prints create angst - just like you.

      There will be nothing you can do for the prints you will see next 5 weeks. You seem to be with others here and just riding it out for the "ultimate". Either it goes to zero…..or they pull a rabbit out of the hat somehow and survive….for another trial somewhere.

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      • Sno, you really have to give it up. Your last theory (fact) on the motive for the delayed 10-Q was disproven in a couple hours when 10Q was released. That's a record, even for you.
        Tax loss selling will be next to nothing, as this thing is sold out. There haven't been any new money committed here by a new investor in years. And years range has been small. The few of us investors left here are not using this for losses.

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