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  • bocamp1 bocamp1 Mar 11, 2014 1:23 PM Flag

    Deal & Market Reaction

    All the complaining by sno is just the usual misperception of the facts. Finance deal was just fine and saved rgrx from BK. Buyers at .12 cannot and would not sell, as they expect news going forward to propel stock price much higher. They are in for a big trade.
    Look at action today. Someone tried to get the bid of .17 taken out, but could not. Now, stock rallying, with a 26k tick at .25. Shorts are screwed.
    Looks for Lee news soon, then US market news and off to the races. Kudos to Fink for working so long at just 50 bucks an hour. All could have walked away long ago and shareholders would have gotten ZERO.

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    • Wow. Moe has spoken. The "facts" speak for themselves. Not one Pharma or Bioteck on this or any other planet deemed rgrx a decent investment. Even the insiders(ST and Lee's) declined to speculate with minimal funds. Don't they have inside information? Why dilute 25% if a potential approval is right around the corner. No more stooges references from me. They are Mensa material compared to Bozo, Bzo, and Snozo. A clown convention?

    • Bo.I said I was gratified and surprised at the reaction to 25% dilution. I expected worse. But I would like to read the SEC filing on the deal to unserstand better. RGRX has NOT filed anything with SEC. I want to see if the stock Koreans buy is saleable at any time. But I agree, they would not be able to "flip" 19 million shares.but they could reduce.

      As to Lee's….I go what LEE's says..not RGRX. Lee's did the deal in mid 2012. it is now mid 2014..almost TWO years….Lee's has not made any effort to do a trial i don't care what RGRX says on website..…I care what Lee's says….and Lee's has not said they are doing any trial.yet..hopefully soon.

      RGRX won't get the other 1/2 of Korean money till August.…so don't get excited about RGRX doing a trial anytime soon. I still think they wait for Orphan money….November.

      It's ENGLAND that intrigues me most. that is the news on the horizon I want to see. Any approval there puts RGRX over $1 easily.…even with the dilution.

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