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  • thebasiles777 thebasiles777 Apr 23, 2014 10:06 PM Flag

    held at .20 to .21

    this has to be symbolic of another deal and add in the fact that we just were awarded another patent for MS and stroke and you get the feeling the deal may have been done and waiting on this patent... but seeing all these big money deals in the pharma industry and it feels like we are giving it away... and all the money being made in the skin care lines using tb 4 leaves me shaking my head...

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    • "but seeing all these big money deals in the pharma industry and it feels like we are giving it away.."

      Boy, you got that right. ALL of RGRX possible therapies and patents are valued at a handful of millions only. Valeant buys Allergan for skin care and eye care. Both of which are big possible areas for TB 4. AGN will probably sell for over $50 BILLION. It again higlights the total incompetence of Finkelstein. It shocks me that most all of you seem to defend this 25 year loser..…who is a serial trial screw-upper..…and he has sucked millions $$$ out of this company - no… US SHARELHOLDERS……. And now he is back for more greed, 500,000 free optiions and back to a low six figure salary. Pitiful.

      Shake your head at Finkestein's incompetence, nothing else. I don't think anyone is making much money if they have a creme over the counter with supposed TB 4 in it. I doubt it would do anything anyways. The TB 4 is so minuscule amount… weak, what they use. RGRX hopes for a DRUG stregnth TB 4… that will do something. DRUG stregnth has to be FDA reviewed. RGRX makes a fully synthetic TB 4…….people saying they have TB 4 in an OTC creme now, unreviewd by FDA…have junk. Just another water based creme. I don't think they make that much $, relatively. Just hyoping a water based creme really.

    • and you wonder why some of us think our company needs better leadership.

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