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  • thebasiles777 thebasiles777 Apr 24, 2014 11:25 AM Flag

    Public relations

    VNDM bid .209 and VNDM ask .21 ... they are locking us up at .20 to .21 and regardless of news they step in and short back down and control the action... we don't have enough traders here and the lack of public relations adds to our dilemma... do we have news that would push our price up or at least raise interest? Are there other avenues to explore to bolster our negotiating position? regardless of patents awarded the market or in short the market makers controlling the action here give us no additional value toward share price... I am sure JJ reads this board and instead of just bashing what would you suggest and remember costs involved... will the announcement of UK appraisal process be enough to break the stranglehold of the mm's... I think nothing short of revenue will help at this point, or funding from ST, Lee's or grants... and I feel Bove is more to blame for our dilemma than JJ... Bove sits on both boards and seems to not have properly negotiated some details with Lee's and has further pushed us into a weaker position on other deals and if it comes to light that their is any relationship between our Asian partner and any other partner or fund that we are or have previously dealt with, then legal avenues should be explored... furthermore, if there is a deal being done now behind the scenes that we as share holders are not privy to and the price is in fact being held to facilitate such deal then legal action should be taken... enough is enough and between the options, pay, travel, etc we as shareholders are being kept in the dark and not duly represented, yet management continues to award itself for fruitless actions pertaining to share price...

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    • Bas, read JJ's bio and industry experience - - - the previous company he led (with zero distinction) got sued for producing PR' s that were found to be "false & misleading".
      In all probability, to avoid another such suit, he is now leaning too far the other way - - - which does us no good at all, but does protect whatever reputation he has left in the industry.

      That is why I keep pleading for a new leader - - - JJ has been in the industry for many years. His reputation for clarity and honest negotiating is well known. (Should be no surprise that we had to go abroad to get our latest tranche of survival funds).

      The BOD should be asking itself, as many of us on this board keep asking, with all the potential for TB4 and our slew of patents, why haven't we already gotten ourselves a partner in skin care, eye care, heart care.

      This takes leadership - - - and RGRX does not have the right leader.

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