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  • master_of_all_trades2000 master_of_all_trades2000 Oct 30, 2013 9:11 PM Flag

    Disaster Q

    This company is a joke and the quarter was a disaster. They spew garbage on these calls. And you suckers by the stock. They provide no real information or forecast of what the business model is, how they are going to make money or grow organically. The analysts that follow this company must be junior. Hexis has been in the works for months/years and the pipeline is $250k to $1M. $90M in debt not producing any cash they are going to have to raise more cash to make Hexis a halfway decent product. No one at this company has built a commercially viable product ever- how can anyone believe these idiots will get it right? Or that they are smarter then the 2 dozen other companies with similar offerings? More dilution that will be the answer. What do these guys do all day? How do they sleep at night as they fleece investors? They should all be fired!

    They are all a waste of oxygen. Fedde was a disaster at Safenet. Moosecrap is an incoherent drunk who smoked to much dope at Buffet concerts. He clearly has no braincells left and/or is a complete imbecile. Nice gig for the exec team bad investment for shareholders.

    Sentiment: Sell

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