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  • mgomes7311 mgomes7311 Jan 9, 2014 7:44 PM Flag


    I bought just yesterday, 2000 shares at 44.25 after all the analyst said it was a great buy. Im already down $16,000. This cant be happening, why!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I lost $70k on the earnings report. Wiped out my entire years gains and that was with my least exposure in awhile. If you NEED the money sometime in the next year then get out. If you can hold it for 2 or more years then you are golden. Who cares what happens in the meantime. The company is profitable and is adding stores at the rate of about one every week. That will continue and that will continue to add to the bottom line. I see $70 by the end of next year. Who knows. That's the beauty of the market. It's painful. VERY PAINFUL. We all have lost money. Every investor does at some point. I think we are getting close to the bottom, but I don't think we are there yet. I am guessing $32.

    • Wait for the selling to dry up and see if Wall Street is going to buy it again. I became very nervous yesterday when I saw that some of the dollar stores were warning, since FIVE fits in this category. But I also think there are some deceptive things going on which accounts for the lack of transparency and Wall Street losing some faith in this company. I also noticed that when it was trying to rally from 44, there wasn't much volume. Maybe now it is oversold enough to start a new uptrend. Could if fall further? Sure, if the company continues to spew out bad news. Wall street has a saying: Sell now and ask questions later. The company will have to be reevaluated now to get a clearer picture of its growth strategy and its feasibility. We need some good news for a change.

    • allancroghan Jan 9, 2014 9:34 PM Flag

      I'm with you! Everyone was raising their forecast and here it was just featured yesterday on CNBC and others as a BUY and a "Hot-Play" and from Neutral to Outperform with a PT @ $52.00!
      Benzinga's and Credit Suisse both upgrade just 2 weeks ago. Zacks has their broker listing FIVE with a PT of $56!

      Don't get me wrong - I know there are no guarantees in the market and I don't mind loosing money if I don't do my DD, but when I research throughly and every single report and all the analysts are pumping it up and a day later it drops 17.2%, then you know there manipulation going on. How can all these recent reports be so positive and more importantly - THE QUESTION IS WHAT INFORMATION DID ALL THE ANALYST USE TO BASE THEIR RECENT REPORTS ON ONLY TO HAVE IT CRASH A DAY LATER!
      Certainly smells dirty with all the recent pumping and now this - makes me want to move everything into Gold and Real estate.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • how bout this …i own 10k shares at 45.and am gonna get put another 10k at 40 this next friday.gonna wipe me out…and on top of that …i will be on margin for 200k to boot.what the hell do i do…i feel like i wanna literally in tears tonite.what do i do with this stock now.i will have an average cost on the 20k shares of 42.50 now what.please …jim cramer …please advise me now, help.

    • I feel for you mate....I've been there as well. The best remedy is time and sooner rather than later you will get past for the $16000, that too will be made back in time...gltu

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