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  • fattymcbutterpants2001 fattymcbutterpants2001 Aug 29, 2002 8:29 AM Flag

    I refuse to pay for....

    Ate the gallon of ice cream, yum, sure glad SWA doesn't charge by the pound. Are you saying that being squished by the blubber on my thighs would give another passenger an unpleasant flight? How dare you! I have rights under the American Disabilities Act. Don't tread on me!

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    • Yeah you think so. ADA doesnt cover things that you have control over. Go ahead & sit down. ARMREST stays DOWN and I will verbally let the FA 7 you know that I will not stand for you intruding into my space. They can either MOVE YOU or put you on a later flight. If I am seated FIRST I WILL NOT MOVE. If you are already seated, I wouldnt ask you to move. But I will let it be known that they can DENY you boarding as I was boarded before you & wont go quietly. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR ATTITUDE & I WILL HAVE MINE & WE WILL SEE WHO WINS. Fortunately there already is a RULE that will help me. BUY A 2nd SEAT !!!! Dont want to, the DONT GO !!!! If I am somehow forced to endure you, then I will somehow make sure your space is constantly intruded upon. Might have to use your flab as a FOOTREST with my shoes & socks off with my SMELLY FEET on you. It will be a FLIGHT FROM HELL and I wont regret it. I work in the AVIATION industry & I know what the limits are. I know how much I can push and get away with it. I WILL PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT & then let you go over it.....BYE BYE !!!!

    • and we have rights under the Majority act-What we say goes. Stop the Fatting!

    • fattymcbutterpants,

      Time! With the passage of time and your lack of self-control, all your threats will be mute. Your next of kin will have to purchase an oversize casket . Have a nice, short, out-of-control life.

      Rocks ah ruck on the ADA applying.

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