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  • samsonp65 samsonp65 Feb 9, 2009 11:04 AM Flag


    Obama will eventually be impeached for raising taxes. His first mistake in office was attempting to delay the digital television changeover and his stimulus plan will be his second and larger mistake. Call for impeachment in approximately 20 months when he defacto raises taxes by blocking the renewal of tax decreases from the past.

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    • >>>Obama will eventually be impeached for raising taxes.<<<

      Can't be impeached for "raising taxes". Taxes on the wealthy need to go up immediately. Corporate tax loopholes, off shoring, etc, need to be closed immediately. Gotta pay lots of taxes for our bloated military and super-surveillance state, dontcha know? Gotta finance perpetual war and that requires taxes. Here ya go:

      >>> His first mistake in office was attempting to delay the digital television changeover and his stimulus plan will be his second and larger mistake.<<<

      His first mistake was the unnecessary pretense to bipartisanship. Republicans needed to be slapped down hard, immediately. Their policies have gutted America and the world. Obama was elected (and Republicans deservedly routed in 2006 and 2008) to CHANGE the way Washington does business and to solve serious problems . .. NOT to enable retrograde Republicans and their media propaganda shills to dominate policy issues. He needs to grow a pair.

      Obama's stimulus is not large enough and likely won't work very well. Why do Republicans want America to fail?

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      • Republicans want something that will work....government spending combined with a tax increase won't. Since "deficits don't matter" Bush was running things, I don't see any real long-term differences between the two parties. Both stink and you just have to "live in the moment" and select which one has the right idea at that particular time. Republicans are more in tune at the moment. They want to let the system work through our problems, while Democrats seem to want to "take-over" the system.

      • Another Q for you S. F. how come Calleefornia, New York, and New Jersey are in the WORST shape financially yet have the HIGHEST SOCIALIST TAX SYSTEMS?? HMMMmmmmm. And this is the way you want the country to go??


      • S. F. I don't think you will ever be a "happy" person until our country is called the Union of Socialist United States of America.


        Very sad, very sad. Do you want a plane to hit a highrise in every state of the Union? With you in charge of our military that would come very soon.

        "Why do Republicans want America to fail?"

        Why do you want US to be like France, East Germany, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, & Russia??

        Now T H E R E are some successful stories!!

      • Some credit card companies are planning on basing credit limits on the vendors from which customers make their purchases. What do you think of this practice?

        What say you S.F.??

        USUSA coming up under the messiah.

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