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  • boyntonfella boyntonfella Aug 24, 2010 1:53 PM Flag

    Time to announce a new city

    for the fall of 2011. LUV needs to strike while the iron is hot. Sure 2 cities are coming on line next year but there is no reason LUV could not add 1 or 2 more.

    The 2 new cities are in the East. LUV has too long ignored the West and Great Plains area.

    LUV should look at a city in a new state such as Sioux City, Ia., Fargo, N.D., Billings, Mt., etc.

    LUV should look at Bend, Or., Colorado Springs, Co.

    It is time to move. In the past LUV has stated it takes $ 1 million to open a new city. This is chump change and with the economy the way it is there is even more need for some LUV in new but unannounced cities.

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    • All aware of the perfect fool you are sweaty.

    • Fair enough. These are just a few people with the legacy carriers I know, not worried about their jobs or financial futures. Maybe they are a little jealous, maybe they just bash, who knows. Everyone has a bone to pick somewhere. You may be just as guilty and might have another id and bash other airlines, who knows, who cares. Cheers.

    • Think what you will, believe what you want. I am tall and need the leg room, yes, I pay extra for a flight to sit in first. Most of my travels take me out of the country, sitting 5+ hours across the US, then 7+ hours on top of that, the next day, can be painful. Then when I head to Asia from the West Coast, that's another subject. My opinion is LUV stock will go up from here as I have said in earlier posts. $14 is my target, not factual, just a technical opinion.

    • In my opinion, those who talk about always flying first class, usually don't. Unless you are independently wealthy, paying 3 to 4 times the price for the same seat as someone in couch is not something a normal person does. SWA has not been, is not now, nor will it ever be a commuter airline. Just because we don't have widebody aircraft and/or multiple aircraft types and/or fly international, that doesn't make us a commuter. you can have your opinion, that doesn't make it factual.

    • >>>>Your opinion is wrong<<<<

      How can an opinion be wrong? Because you think your opinion is right?

      When SWA starts flying B777's/767's, A330/340 to Europe or even 757's I will put them out of the commuter category. I have the same opinion of JetBlue and AirTran. One class seating IS relevant if you fly first class. JMO

      I bet I make my 30% on the stock, not unrealistic at all, in my opinion. Bought at 10.80, sell in at $14.

    • lbesh32995 Aug 29, 2010 1:29 PM Flag

      >>>>>The people I know that work in the industry, have always said SWA is the Gov't poster child and compare them to cockroaches.>>>>

      I fly with a lot of pilots who ran away from their previous airlines to SWA. Delta, Continental, American, United, USAir....they're all represented here. They tell me stories of dysfunctional self serving management, unhappy employees, companies in and out of BK, etc. If any airline is a "Gov't poster child" it's the airline(s) that first got fat and lazy under airline regulation protection, and then used the BK codes to remain in business. "Cockroaches"? Don't make me laugh. Sounds like the "people you know" in the industry have an inflated sense of their worth, and are scared shitless about their future. They should be. They also sound like tools so jumping ship to us isn't an option for them.

    • lbesh32995 Aug 29, 2010 12:57 PM Flag

      >>>>I did buy the stock below $11 to hopefully make 30% in a month. I consider SWA a big commuter because of the size of their planes and the configuration of their cabins. Small airplanes and one class usually is what the commuters have, correct? JMO>>>

      30% in 30 days is unrealistic. SWA is by no standard a commuter airline. SWA flys mainline class air transport aircraft. Commuters fly "commuter" aircraft (under 100 seats) and fly as feeders for mainline carriers and/or serve small communities that would otherwise have no air service. The one class seating is also irrelevant. Your opinion is wrong.

    • I can post anything, anywhere, bozo. Don't hate SWA nor am I jealous, just choose not to fly them. Most of my flying is done overseas, except a connection in the States and I fly first class, so I stay away from SWA. I did buy the stock below $11 to hopefully make 30% in a month. I consider SWA a big commuter because of the size of their planes and the configuration of their cabins. Small airplanes and one class usually is what the commuters have, correct? JMO

      Here are my airlines of choice and their fleet of planes.

      DAL fleet

      747-400: 16
      777-200LR: 10
      777: 8
      A330-300: 21
      A330-200: 11
      767-400ER: 21
      767-300ER: 60
      767-300: 20
      757-300: 16
      757: 191
      MD90: 16
      MD88: 120
      737-800: 71
      737-700: 10
      A320: 71
      A319: 59
      DC9: 68

      AMR fleet

      777: 47
      767-300: 58
      767-200: 15
      757: 124
      MD80: 257
      737-800: 111

      LCC fleet

      A330-300: 9
      A330-200: 7
      767-200: 10
      757: 23
      737-300/-400: 59
      A321: 51
      A320: 72
      A319: 93
      E190: 15

    • Ignore sweaty, he is a lawn service boy based in San Ysidro who tries to play a big time investor and begs for a job with LCC in San Diego. As he is an illegal no one will hire him as he can not get an airport security clearance. Laugh at his ignorance.

    • How can you call SWA "a big commuter"? Commuters feed other airlines. SWA feeds no one else. We carry more passengers that ANY other airline in the US. When we go into a new market, we take market share from the other airlines. So much so that a phrase was coined "the Southwest effect". We didn't fly to the larger airports becasue we didn't want the hassle. Now we fly there because that's where the passengers are. EWR delays are terrible, but LGA/PHL aren't much better. If you don't like SWA, fine, don't fly us, but don't come on this board and spill you swill bashing SWA. Buy the stock, don't buy makes no differnce. When you are the most consistenly profitable airline in history and have the best safety record, others tend to be jealous. Jealousy leads to hatred and no one needs that. If you don't like SWA fine just don't post garbage here.

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