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  • fattymcbutterpants2001 fattymcbutterpants2001 Sep 8, 2010 10:20 AM Flag

    Seat Wars....Part Deux...

    People "saving" seats for non-existant spouses who are "in the restroom" at takeoff. People squirming by people loading carry-ons into the overheads to get to a seat. The confusion, the panic, the hurt feelings. It's all there, it's all LUV.

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    • I went to see an IMAX movie recently that had assigned seats. It was my first experience in going to a movie without being able to scan the available seats and pick one. I ended up on the far right side of the theater while dozens of empties went unused in the center. I like LUV seating and hope it'll never change, and I hope movie theaters never go to assigned seats either.

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      • Were the prices any different or did they do that to guarantee that you'd have a seat in a sold-out house? You should've waiting about 10 minutes into the movie and changed seats. When I go to a baseball game, about half-the-time, there are people sitting in my seat. Probably from the nose bleed sections moving down for a better view. Alittle disheartening since I paid so-much-more for my ticket, but what can you do?

    • lbesh32995 Sep 10, 2010 7:37 PM Flag

      >>>>The confusion, the panic, the hurt feelings. It's all there, it's all LUV. >>>>>

      Sounds traumatic for sure Dr Smith. When Bill Clinton hears about your pain he won't get a wink of sleep.

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