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  • rickarooski rickarooski May 17, 2013 4:31 PM Flag

    To Jeep Re: bag fees.

    I'm assuming you've done a bit of homework before you suggest that SWA join the bag-mix-game. I think you need to do a bit of homework before you ask for things which are based on mo-money mo-money alone.

    Think of the things that are unique to SWA.
    Price USED to be one of them but NOT anymore. In fact, SWA is MORE expensive than the other carrier in a LOT of markets. (Are you bag fees hidden in there??? Me thinks so!!)

    But the big one that still remains with SWA is the whole code sharing thing. Bags don't cross over to competitive airlines as SWA chooses to keep thier bags "in-house". There's huge savings right there.

    So good man. You need to look at the bigger picture and outside of just the mo-money greed aspect. All things are NOT equal even without the bag fees.

    LUV needs have some sort of (implied) benefit for the passenger. The no bag fee approach 'LOOKS" like a warm-fuzzy but in reality SWA isn't losing out a penny on their position.

    BTW. Are you THAT upset with the price performance over the last 6 months????????????????

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    • Listen up, you ni-nincompoop.....I buy stock in companies to make money. Every airline in business charges bag fees except one. Southwest could D-O-U-B-L-E income by charging $5 per bag, 20% what other lines are charging. Only a dolt like you wouldn't understand that. And by the way, your amateur attempt of explaining the Southwest business model was the worst bunch of sh_t I've ever read. Lastly , no, I'm not upset with the price appreciation of the last six months, but even the most nincompoopish nincompoop would know that the price started moving up in November, 2012 , after Southwest announced a new batch of fees including cancellation fees, priority boarding fees, and change fees, none of which would raise as much revenue as baggage fees.

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