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  • jeepcreep111 jeepcreep111 Sep 30, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    This Compay is Run by Rank Amateurs

    Dagwood Kelly is in over his head. He runs this company like Kindergarten Kiddy-Korner. Hey...that's KKK...I think he's a closet racist , too !!!!!!!!!!! Jesse and Al. I'd even march with them if it would git rid of Dagwood.

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    • Racists?? You don't even know what the word means. This is the most absurd post I have ever read. It is not only insulting, and ignorant, it displays you are speaking from your expulsion hole. I know a lot of people at SWA and I can assure that your statement is totally inappropriate. You may not like Mr. Kelly but this is as repulsive as I am sure you are. As far as Jesse and Al, well those two are a couple of hucksters looking for money and always on the take. They have never ever given one thing positive for people that they claim they represent. A couple of "poverty pimps" that need a downtrodden class of people so they can have an audience. Jesse has got, "baby mama's" to pay for and poor ole Al, well he can't even get a rating on his show at LSDNBC because the viewership is so pathetic. Jesse lost his program for lack of interest. I truly feel sorry for individuals as yourself. You might do something with your life but you are so filled with hate that you miss the best part of it. And this site if for investors not detractors.

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    • dfwskier Sep 30, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

      Those "rank amateurs" have produced a profit in every one of the last 40 years, have NEVER laid an employee off, and are responsible for about the best customer service satisfaction in the industry...

      things that the "professionals" in the other airlines can only dream to do.

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