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  • fattymcbutterpants2001 fattymcbutterpants2001 Mar 27, 2014 11:17 PM Flag

    Humiliated again on a Southwest flight....

    So, it's midflight, I get up to go to the restroom. When I return, there is someone sitting in my seat. I ask him politely to vacate, as I have returned. He looks up at me and says: move your meat, lose your seat. I say we aren't kids anymore, can he please go back to his seat. He gets up, puts his arm around me like I'm his buddy and tells me nobody has assigned seats and I should sit in HIS seat over yonder. Not wanting trouble, I relent and complete the flight in his seat. I tell my wife about this, and I could tell she thought less of me as a man because I didn't kick this guy's butt. How many times has not having assigned seats caused someone humiliation and pain? Why does Southwest do this to their customers? I feel emasculated now and Southwest's seating policy caused it. I felt I had no real right to that seat. I implore any reading this message to not fly Southwest and to fly ANY OTHER airline.

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    • Lies lies and more lies.;_ylt=Ag0JW3cwAflRyA1FLnVNE4HeAohG;_ylu=X3oDMTB2Z3R0cmk0BHBvcwMxOARzZWMDTWVkaWFNc2dCb2FyZHNYSFJVbHQ-;_ylg=X3oDMTBhYWM1a2sxBGxhbmcDZW4tVVM-;_ylv=3?&bn=4547dff5-fd76-34f1-8c8e-e32cf3da41d7&tid=1258860758000-055db0a8-0bf9-3ae1-b182-7ab0c2eda5c5

    • Yes you are still a stupid #$%$ kid for telling this fake #$%$ story. You been telling some of these fake #$%$ story for the longest time and still continues to fly them. Thanks for the laugh. You just made my weekend. LOL LOL LOL LOL And by the way, is this on one of your flight to Harrisburg, PA again that you claim to have flown on Southwest MANY MANY times. LOL

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