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  • kirkydu kirkydu Jan 17, 2006 1:39 PM Flag


    two other little things, you've been following this company 4 yrs and don't know the relevance of ams guidelines? Wow, that's terrible. Also, in what way has mgmt been dishonest. It's science man, it takes time and sometimes doesn't work the way we thought. In this case, company seems to have caught up.

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    • Yes, I understand the importance of guideline inclusion. I posted here years ago that doctors wouldn't take a chance on recommending PreGen-plus without inclusion due to probable suits. I assume very little on this board, including what you meant by your small-letter acronyms but did ask you if Medicare wasn't most important.

      As for issuing bonds, that's not the way it works if the ability to repay is in question, and it will be if they start running out of cash without concrete results. Let's hope that doesn't happen. A cash infusion at that point would likely result in huge share dilution. That's why I'm not buying more here.

      As for mgt., earlier they pumped the hell out of PreGen-plus based on favorable small studies (80% sensitivity range). This continued right up to the point they issued the results of their $10 million major study (52-58%), which caused the stock price to tumble, and me to sell most of my shares (at about break-even). Mgt did a secondary several months later in the $7's, well off the high, and the stock continued a long slow descent. In my opinion, they did the secondary because they absolutely knew it would be a long road back.

      Don't get me wrong, I hope this product's a real winner and makes the long suffering shareholders winners. But trusting this mgt isn't in my vocabulary. My mad money is on the table and I will wait and watch before buying more.

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