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  • thekilla147 thekilla147 Jan 19, 2006 3:24 PM Flag

    who is the basher now...LOL

    HAHAHAHAHAHHA-YOU lOSE MONEY, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. THats what you get for riding the bandwagon like its dick. LOL.

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    • some of your people are really stupid, I laff. Ohhh, no, the company has to have a meeting and file a paper. WTF do you folks expect for something that may become a standard. The guidelines are going to be to take the test possibly as often as every three years. Wow. More cheap shares for the forward looking.

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      • yes, I'm watching that 30% non-event now PumpTurd.

      • I respect your postings but this one is not too bright. Stock down over 35% and is now around $2.50. If test off of market(which I guess they have to clear up but that seems to be the assumption) then this is a small disaster. It certainly doesn't wipe out the company or the product or the science but it does add somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-9 month FDA process. And even though it was said this would not effect ACS determination, that is fantasy. It will. So the whole process for the company and for the stock will be pushed back significantly. First FDA process. Second it is not unreasonable to project that ACS will not consider for standard of care until the FDA matter is cleared up as the test won't even most liely still be on the market. That also means the CMS approval is also pushed back a similar amount of time. So you are absolutely correct. More cheap shares. Buy up guy. But I won't buy back in until this whole matter is clarified, and settled. I'll follow the stock but I won't own the stock until either FDA approval is done or some other major event occurs. Made a little money on the stock. And hope that when everything is clarified I'm able to get back in at a price below $3.

      • wait unitl the short covering stops. OUCH. BAck to 1's.

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