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  • kirkydu kirkydu Feb 22, 2006 10:41 AM Flag

    ■ PreGen+ v. Sigmoido. Duz it matter?

    short answer is no. Sigmisminicolonoscopy doesn't matter. It's a test that EXAS will almost completely replace shortly. By 2008 almost no docs will be using Sigmoidoscopyn as a screening method. Docs have all been waiting for a non-invasive dna based test for several years (for other things as well). Once pg+ is in guidelines later this year likely, insurance companies will practically require it before a colonoscopy or other more costly medical procedure for most of the population.
    Think about this. For the cost of one colonoscopy, the insurance companies can see about 5x or 6x more people screened with pg+. What does everybody think the insurance company actuaries are thinking about how much that reduces their exposure to costly cancer treatment? They're thinking they're going to save a lot of loot.
    EXAS has the only dna based screening test close to mass market. My guess is EXAS will have a 3-5 year headstart on competitors. Market is huge.

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    • Hi kirkidu,
      Do you know whether physicians start using PG+ in lieu of Sigm/Colonoscopy in hospitals? How is the position of the health insurance companies toward the use of PG+?

      Knowing the revenue potential of PG+ would be a big help in making investment decision.

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      • You asked, "whether physicians start using PG+ in lieu of Sigm/Colonoscopy in hospitals"

        Let's see 80 million Americans 50 and older and 4000 PG+ done last year -- what do you think?

        BTW, most colonoscopies are done in Endoscopy centers where as flex sigs can be done in a doc's office.

        GIs who run and own Endo centers consider colonoscopies their bread and butter so there's very little chance of getting them to order a PG+.

        The primary care docs -- IMs, GP/FPs, and OBs are the test's targets.

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