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  • kirkydu kirkydu Sep 27, 2006 11:02 AM Flag

    Sept. Short Interest . . .

    whatever man, I buy and sell you with regularity, and quite a few people here and on other boreds know it. Point was that there isn't a lot of short covering because there isn't a lot of shorting. There has been some outright accumulation, if it was by traders, they may in fact have taken some profits since (almst a certainty). The volume suggests it was some broker. One can hope that a fund or two is nibbling. Doesn't change my original point that this is a silly stock to trade and anybody doing it is in fact the newbie.

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    • "whatever man . . ."

      Just as I had thought.
      A comment that truly reflects your age and maturity.

      Most financial professionals are well aware that the short-interest is as of a specific "trade" date during the month, with an accompanying "publication" date. Apparently, you are not aware of this.

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      • actually, what matters to you doesn't much matter to me, I'm not trading the stock. But I know exactly how to read financial data. More importantly, I can apply it. I have noticed you don't have any real argument for why you would be concerned with tradewinds on this stock. This type of stock (basically an illiquid developmental stage company, heck it could be an OTCBB stock), is all in the potential. If it were more heavily traded, then techs would matter for trading. A lousy million dollars moves this stock immensly. Do you have a tech indicator to which day a new million dollars might go into (or out of) this spec stock? Didn't think so. Again, why trade something so unpredictable short term as EXAS when you can trade COP, CHK, ABT, MSFT, IBM, GE, MT, etc... and know pretty darn close to what is going to happen, and when you are wrong the company eventually bails your position out if you care to wait. Hey, maybe I'm wrong, but I'll trade big stable companies on pps moves for incremental gains, and use the proceeds to buy small companies with great ideas that might 10 or 20 bag for me. Been working for a decade, my guess it'll keep working.

        Just trying to help folks looking at EXAS understand they shouldn't try to trade it. If you have the understanding, belief and circumstances to be in, then buy it and wait.

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