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  • kirkydu kirkydu Oct 10, 2006 1:04 PM Flag

    hairytaco is 37 and single what a shock

    hmmm, I'll be 37 and single when I visit Fla in April the week after Easter to Scuba. Maybe we can talk stocks or something, especially if you're really a woman or if not, at least a serious investor. BTW, I bought a little EXAS today for some newer clients.

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    • Will you be in Miami? You said you will be single in April, does that mean you are married now? Are you a stockbroker? There are some big sharks in these waters. I don't know if you want to scuba here.

      I am glad to see I am not the only dumb one buying EXAS. I have a $650 profit in one day, that is if I sell it here at $1.87.



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      • Pinky - I, like yourself, come to this board to get info on EXAS, and have been doing so for about 2 years. There are many good posts from a select few contributors....also, like myself, it's painfully obvious you don't have any technical information to offer....I know you feel the need to defend yourself when attacked, but you are only cluttering the board when you respond. Just lay low and get the information you need to help you make your decisions...also, we don't need to read your self-validating posts about how much you are making or have made with each stock transaction - it sounds kind of amateurish.

        All that said, welcome aboard....this could get fun in the next 6-8 least let's hope so, my patience in waiting for this thing to take off is starting to wear thin.

      • been single since 2000 when I traded in wife for freedom & happiness. 37 this winter. Yes. I know. Small amount at risk. But yes I might be dumb too.

        Very much liked the Clevelander and other places near there, think one was called the Newstand or something like that last year. May take short cruise to Nassau to scuba for a day or two, but likely Fort Lauderdale.

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