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  • kirkydu kirkydu Apr 25, 2007 12:33 PM Flag

    CC & Guidelines this spring

    The CC verified what was basically expected. That PG+ is on track to at least get some decisions soon. I'd be shocked if guidelines and CMS aren't favorable relatively soon, in a month or two for guidelines, CMS within a year of that. Butt, as always, dyogddd (that is du your own gawd damn du diligence).

    I am happy that there is a meeting in May with CMS.

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    • The major benefit of the dna poop test v colonoscopy is that people don't du the colonoscopy. This makes insurance companies sad because they end up having to deal with very expensive cancer treatment bills for those who get their colon cancer detected later stage. Simply put, the insurance companies won't care if you get Pregen+ or colonoscopy, just so long as you're getting a test about every 5-10 years. Further, the health plans would include as HEDIS screening scores take hold. Per CC, hopefully 2008 (I say hopefully, I think 2009 is more likely).

      Also, docs will generally gravitate towards blood or dna tests when they can because they are generally reliable and non-invasive (read low liablity).

      So, since the insruance companies won't care (I am an insurance professional, see my website at, sorry it needs to be updated) which test gets done as long as it is timely and effective, docs will like it and patients will like it, it all becomes a market issue. My eduguess is that PG+ will be the most attractive option for testing per the market of those needing a test. Simple logics, but probably will work out that way. The downside, it still may take a few more years, although it looks like we could be starting the ramp sooner. Time will tell if we see teens in the next year or two, or in 3-5 years.

      semi off topic: I have been researching various imaging techs. We're probably about a full generation (20+ yrs) of scientists away from an improved virutal colonscopy being worthwhile (as it isn't a real competitor right now, either to PG+ or colonoscopy). It will get here, but the nano tech

    • sorry Chin, didn't see your posting. I think you are wrong btw.

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