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  • mc_cath_erty mc_cath_erty Aug 14, 2009 11:18 AM Flag

    Dead Money for Six Months

    All we know about this test is that it hasn't been developed yet and that it won't be fully developed until sometime next year. How can anyone get behind a product that doesn't exist yet?

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    • <But there are smart people who were in for the whole ride!>

      the whole ride would be from 12.- to 2.59, with a stop at .22 . . . very smart, over 75% of your money is lost . . . so if you put $100,000 in at 12 bucks a share, you DO have $21,583.33 left, and a great tax write-off . . .

      link to the "whole ride" . . .

    • If you are a client of Baird, you can see that EXAS is scheduled to present at their conference.

      This is NOT inside info!

      Inside info is "material" short term info that is NOT public. It is NOT material that EXAS is going to make a presentation at the Baird health care conference. I do NOT know what will be in the presentation.

    • All you traders trying to make a few bucks chasing hot stocks and other instant gratification seekers - ever seen revolutionary stocks like AOL, DELL, AMZN yielding EARLY investors 1,000s % returns over the long term???

      How many people do you know that had wisdom to get in EARLY and hang in for those returns? Probably none. But there are smart people who were in for the whole ride!

      It is not easy to be among the first (as we have seen with EXAS) but very rewarding at the end. The EXAS has all the makings to generate those kind of returns.

      If you buy early at $2 or $3 instead of waiting till $5 or $6 (which with this kind of revolutionary product/company can happen overnight!) then all your later returns will be DOUBLED!

      If you put $100,000 in at $5 a share, you will have $500,000 when the stock hits $25.

      However, if you put $100,000 in at $2.5, then you will have $1,000,000.

      So, by waiting a few months you loose $500,000! That's called cumulative return! And in this case, with no trading expenses! I hope this is not too difficult of a math for you trader types! I think you all like to make money at the end!

      You can wait if you want, but at the end you will be the one missing out on doubling your returns!

    • What will they be presenting if they don't have the test fully developed? My point is that they are a long way from marketing this test and presenting at a conference may not affect the stock. I have been in and out of EXAS several times and made a few bucks, but at this point in time I will stay on the sidelines. There is too much uncertainty.
      As far as "pro" having inside info, that doesn't mean success of this stock. Remember that he is a professional pumper and he can mix in a lot of hype for his own benefit. GLTA

    • You need an access code to see the list of companies.

    • I've found Pro walks a tight rope when it comes to insider trading. On actual current events, I've found it's much much better on my wallet to believe him and just be quiet and watch those events unfold.

      Money buys info.

    • If they were scheduled to present at the Baird conference as of the date of the earnings call, it makes absolutely no sense that they did not preannounce it. That, I repeat, is common practice.

    • i'll take your word on this one . . . let's see what he has to say . . . hopefully more than the CC . . .

    • 1)EXAS technology, stool DNA, has already been included in the ACS guidelines for CRC screening.

      2) Starting next month, CEO Kevin Conroy will be making presentations to Institutional investors.

      3)If you had the ability to talk with the dozen or so analysts covering this space, you would know that they have great respect for Kevin Conroy based on his accomplishments at Third Wave Technologies.

      4)Since EXAS technology is already on the market as a homebrew test offered by Lab Corp of America, it is NOT difficult to understant how an FDA version will be successful.

      5)Those investors who bought into Third Wave when the stock was at 2 or 3 while Conroy was still developing their HPV test, soon watched the shares jump up to high single digits.

      6)The stool DNA CRC screening technology is well developed, and supported by numerous studies, and the published work of Dr. David Ahlquist of the Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Bert Vogelstein of Johns Hopkins.

      7) Analysts and institutional investors will NOT require the precise marker make up and platform technology to start writing research reports about the opportunity in EXAS and start buying shares.

      8) Intelligent investors will soon realize that the next few weeks will be the last time to buy EXAS less than $3. Once Kevin Conroy starts courting Wall st the stock will take off and not look back. Top wall st investors understand that if you try and wait too long you end up paying a much higher price in fantastic growth situations like EXAS.

    • <<How can anyone get behind a product that doesn't exist yet? >>

      Very easily, it's a no-brainer for a lot of us.

      I can also get behind adding you to the ignore list. I can only stomach so many whining bashers from the SQNM board who can't let go of a childish grudge after all these months.

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