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  • mstevens19600 mstevens19600 Nov 2, 2009 4:43 PM Flag

    Nice Comeback close! Shorts lose AGAIN.

    I'm quite sure they put you on ignore weeks ago Fartboy, but, I must say you seem a very angry sore loser in all this. No one really cares about your losing stock picks anymore, can't you see that? The facts are what they are. sqnm is down 90% from the time exas refused their shit offer and exas is still up quite nicely from that point as well.
    You lose Fartboy. Even if exas drops for another month or so, you lose.

    He got you a dozen times man, give up. You're going to lose several more times as well. You're not getting 2 grand for gold this year.

    Between exas, mnkd, sqnm, Pro, Troy, Gold, and a dozen other posters here, the score is Fartboy 0 ALL OTHERS 18. So in closing, even if you someday are right about something, you'll surely jump for joy and attack Pro, Troy, myself because you've lost so much and have never been right.

    Sad little boy.

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    • No, I dont have really have to attack but one of you. Are you really stupid enough to think that we don't know you're one in the same? On the other note, you know of but 3 or 4 investments that I've made over the past year. Many of them short positions that worked as hedges against my longs. Some paid off nicely and some have yet to do so. But in anycase, you are clueless in clinging to this dried up old stool sample of a stock!

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