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  • solantey Apr 27, 2011 11:08 AM Flag

    "RPC" - BioMed Reports Radient Pharmaceutical Update

    Today’s BioMed Report Update On Radient Pharmaceutical for Premium Subscribers”

    We're very happy to hear that two of the company's we've been following have been invited to speak in front of hundreds of brokers and high net worth investors at the exclusive Aegis Capital Emerging Growth Conference which is taking place this week in Vegas (at the Palazzo Hotel) between April 28 and April 30.

    This is an important development for these two companies because the conference attracts a lot of market movers like floor brokers, institutional trading desk specialists and other opinion leaders. This is not your typical investors conference. It costs over $6K just to get in the door. It's obvious that someone wants to hear more details about the developments at these two firms. Here is what we know:

    Despite the clueless pundits who keep predicting their demise without so much as even speaking to management or understanding the growth and partnership opportunities surrounding their multi-platform, early cancer detection technology, the management team at Radient Pharmaceuticals (AMEX:RPC) has been busy turning their fortunes around since late 2010.

    After wrestling control and cleaning up the mess created by previous management during their lengthy FDA approval process, the company completed a massive debt to equity swap and has been preping their full commercialization efforts. In addtion, they have been setting the record straight about several key issues- including the validation study which was designed and coordinated with clinicians at the Mayo Clinic- with the help of Amex officials, special investigators and a very high profile law firm.

    Yes, the company has set their sites on those firms and individuals whose accusations have most caused them and their investors harm and, to say the least, some completely unnecessary headaches. We can promise you that those who have been poisoning their business and reputation have been put on notice and that we have not heard the last of those dramas. Now the other shoe is about to drop. Money from the highly debated $10 million dollar order from the Indian Government's cancer screening program is set to start trickling in. The money, as specified in the sales contracts, is scheduled to begin coming in on a regular basis and we should see the fruits of those efforts documented in official SEC filings.

    After a very successful hearing with NYSE AMEX officials that has allowed the company to continue trading on the big boards, the sense we get from talking to other analysts and observers is that Radient is also set to start being more aggressive in their marketing and commercialization efforts. In addition, one investment firm tells us the deal to bring RPC's cancer vaccine spin-of, Nuvax, public is all set to go and that they would not be surprised to see an announcement about that shortly. Since Radient shareholders will own a very big piece of that new company ans will no-doubt benefit from the valuation once shares begin trading, the news is not only promising, but a "no brainer" in terms of finally seeing some return from that previously hidden asset.

    This week's kick-off speech at the Aegis Conference in Las Vegas by CEO, Douglas MacLellan should be very enlightening and we will be happy to report what we hear.

    “$20.00 Price Target from One Analyst”

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    • After Hours News:

      "Based on the final trial analysis, it has been determined that Onko-Sure® (DR-70) is a useful tool when combined with Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) in detecting colorectal cancer (CRC) in all stages, and specifically, in early Stages (stages I and II) where early diagnosis and treatment can lead to better patient prognosis. Additionally, the study demonstrated RPC's Onko-Sure® IVD cancer test can be up to 17% more effective in detecting CRC in Stages I and II over Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA). Furthermore, the study also showed when Onko-Sure® is combined with CEA, the sensitivity of the combined tests delivers additional increased sensitivity as opposed to using CEA alone."

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      • so let's do the math

        cea is rec evey 4 months for the first 2years after surgery for stages II and III colon cancer to try and detect recurrence early there are approx 90000 stage II III cases per year.

        with perfect compliance every new St 2/3 PT will get 6 tests over 2 years or 540,000 tests per year. assuming payees want to pay for both onko sure and cea. onko sure is a surveillance test not a screening test as many others have pointed out

        if exas Exas sdna screening test is widely used like pap smear and PRE CANCERS are found the incidence of actual cancer will diminish overtime along with the need for sea or onkosure for surveillance sorry rpc exas potential market is about 100x greater.

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