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  • mstevens19600 mstevens19600 Oct 11, 2012 2:58 PM Flag

    Over Priced is Over Priced

    Come back when you've bought at $6 per share. Until then, you're just another bag of hot air that isn't getting his way.

    Oh I'm sure one of your aliases will claim to have gone long at $12 when the stock is trading at $20+. It's just the nature of a jealous sqnm puke such as yourself. After all, you were crying this same garbage when the stock was $6 and when sqnm was $29(with no revenue and no FDA test in sight) it certainly wasn't overpriced to you and your boyfriends now was it.

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    • Wait a minute! Aren't YOU Mstevens? The same PUKE that sold out of his EXAS at 9.00 per share and told us she was going to buy "real estate" or somthing or the other, but you couldn't resist the temptation and got violated by a very bad man when following him into an ill timed and unfortunate foray into BPAX? Oh yes, lol, now I remember. THAT WAS YOU!!!. you have room to bash and talk about the imaginary investments of others!! How bout you take a couple of large spoonfuls of #$%$? Apparently the BPAX isn't working for you. Have you thought about an alternative medication? LOLOLOL!!

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      • No, the real estate rumor was just another #$%$ story from one of your boyfriends like the USC Frat boys story. Yes I lost $5k on bpax but made every penny back on their sister company AIS within a couple months.

        You're a jealous weak little broke clown hiding behind your computer. SQNM killed your acct. and you just can't handle the truth.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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