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  • sailingaway82 sailingaway82 Oct 11, 2012 3:44 PM Flag

    Over Priced is Over Priced

    "One thing people here BLINDLY accept as fact is that there is no competing technology, that EXAS won't have any competition. Call me stupid, while I call you arrogant, but I have seen many such upsets i my years of trading stocks."

    You obviously have a very poor knowledge base regarding EXAS and colon cancer screening.
    No one is accepting anything "blindly" as you claim. EXAS has the exclusive rights to DNA extraction from stool all the way out to Year 2030. You obviously are not aware of this. Furthermore, there is no other NON-INVASIVE screening test on the market that screens for Pre-Cancers.

    I would strongly suggest that you learn more about the Company, before opening up your mouth and "inserting your foot".


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    • "EXAS has the exclusive rights to DNA extraction from stool all the way out to Year 2030. "
      LOL! Surely you can not be this naive?@!#!! Do you actually believe that there are no other unpublished (and unpatented) methodologies out there right now that analyze DNA from stool? It's a joke right?. This company's patent claims to DNA analysis ONLY cover their particular methodology. To make the claim that ALL DNA analysis from stool belongs to EXAS would be as stupid as claiming that all DNA analysis of oh, I dont know, AMNIOTIC FLUID, OR HAIR remain under the sole ownership of a single entity is a FAR stretch indeed. Especially in light of what's been taking place in today's courtrooms. Did you read about a Judge overturning Apples ban on Samsung's Galaxy III phones today? Apple's tanked 70 points in a week - now we know why.
      LOL No, Im sorry but this is the most ridiculous claim I have read yet. My goodness you pumpers go to some pretty extreme lengths to defend your delusions but really, stop!! LOL, please stop!!! -you're breaking me up here! ROFLMAO!!!! bwaaahaaaahaaaahaaa FRBRBBBRBBBRRBBBBBP!!! (OH GEEEEZE, NOW YOU'VE GONE AND MADE ME FART!)

      Strong Sell would be too harsh. They need to have a Sentiment that says "OVERPRICED"!

      Sentiment: Sell

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