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  • wheres_farker wheres_farker Oct 12, 2012 11:46 AM Flag

    Barron's Blowoff Top

    I've got to hand it to those here who got it right here: Androidgramma, Binheredonedat,Jimmineejones, clevergretel and a few others! KUDOS to you all for recognizing the Barron's pump as THE opportunity to exit with maximum gains. Kudos to those of you who were smart enough to go short at these levels as well. Something told me "all is not right here" when I almost pulled the trigger and covered my short position at 12.25 six days ago, but I did not. Perhaps it was the reminding admonitions of the many posters on this board who kept me from committing financial suicide that day. This morning, just as we crossed below our own "fiscal cliff" at 11.39 I knew I had chosen wisely in putting the pumptard baffoons like Ms.Steve on IGNORE and choosing instead to listen to the rag-tag gaggle of nay sayers who are so routinely VILIFIED here and elsewhere by him. All I can say is "Today is YOUR day!" SEE YOU AT 10.02 Support and then we decide; How LOW is LOW ENOUGH? 8.25? 6? 4.20? (It could happen if a big pharma competitor emerges)!
    THANK YOU!!!

    PS, It should have been obvious to all that the Barrons Blowoff Top had no legs when the ever elusive "FARKER" failed to appear here and bash the pumpers and the stock. Without his presence, we rarely can sustain a reasonable rally.

    Farker O Farker, Where for Art Thou? Farker?...

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      This must be a HUMILIATING DEFEAT for Ms.Steve and the "PumpTard" "Bagholder Dudes" that live here. That'll teach you guys to ignore the shout out about the Barrons Blow Off-VOLUME-PIKE-TOP!
      Oh yes, it WAS that, and theres more to come. MUCH more.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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