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  • crapnebula crapnebula Dec 19, 2012 12:53 AM Flag

    Room to Run

    I get you Rice, and I think that you get it too when you say, "- $20 would put the market cap at 1 Billion, 1 Hundred and Sixteen MILLION dollars. That's one hell of a lot of dough for a loaf of bread that has yet to be put in the oven, don't ya think? ", (Funny Line) and I whole heartedly agree. It's not going to $20, the guys got a bad case of "irrational exhuberance" , but it could go to $12.50 before the next game of "back and fill" in my opinion.

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    • Rann talks a good game(although wrong), until he mentioned you. The stock is easily going to $20 and far beyond if it isn't bought out early($20 - 30).
      As far as your "comp values" there are many out there. sqnm and DNDN come to mind first trading at $30 and $50 respectively(neither were worth anywhere near as much as EXAS at this stage)AMRN and HGSI are two others off the top of my head(AMRN STILL carrying over 1 Billion market cap at half it's high pps). With FDA approval and stellar results from the XL P3 trial $20 is a joke(like you craphead).

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      • Stevens, why are you comparing bio-pharma namesl ike AMRN and DNDN with that of a medical diagnostics company like EXAS?

        Apples and Oranges.

      • No doubt, once approved by FDA and the big insurers (IF is still in the vernacular here), the stock will hit 20 and much more, but I believe we're getting ahead of ourselves to talk about this now. You cite SQNM and DNDN as your esamples, which is quite ludicrous indeed as both company's came crashing down 90 percent or more following a severe "reality check" upon the irrationally exuberant. Whats even more disingenuous about your post Mstevens is that you use SQNM as an example?!@!!!! Is it lost on anyone here that you've spent the past 4 years on these boards consumed by your opinion that this is an unworthy company that will be out of business soon (BTW

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