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  • egg_came_first egg_came_first Jan 8, 2013 3:44 PM Flag

    As usual, Mstevens invokes MY name

    Why are you acting so innocent here with the rest of us, we all know that you too have multiple ID's and seriously fool, the only reason for Farrkers post was as a response to your mentioning him. He's been gone from here from months and you open your fat mouth and bring him back? We DONT NEED HIM ON THIS BOARD AND WE DONT NEED YOU. PLEASE GO CREATE PROBLEMS SOMEWHERE ELSE!

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    • Egg, (alias #22) do you honestly believe he(you) magically know when the fartboi word is typed? My only other alias rarely comes out and is for other Internet purposes. Clown.

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      • OMG! You really are out to pove it this time aren't you Mstevens? You really have gone mad.
        So now I'm Farker too? Yeah, that's it Im the big bad Farrker you obsess on 24/7!!!
        Mstevens, you've got to be one of the most paranoid and deranged individuals we have ever seen here. I seriously am beginning to wonder if you have a single dime invested in EXAS. Im thinking that you're just here to get your jollies off with this Farrker nemesis of yours who you just love to fantasize over, who by the way, only posts here once in a blue moon. You on the other hand have made it your life's work to mess up the entire Yahoo message board experience for everyone else. GO AWAY SON! AND DON'T COME BACK!!!!!
        If you ask me, YOU are the one whose completely and totally F'd up.

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