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  • livingofftheequity2 livingofftheequity2 Jan 9, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    SS, MS, sail, CIT, HS, kirk . . .


    so if a loser like me bailed at 10.39 (to buy AGNC @ 28.90) . . .

    A. should i wait for a pullback?

    B. what price should i reenter?

    thanks all . . .

    This topic is deleted.
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    • sell a spread of puts, some slightly below, some slightly above, a few way above, February and April, then buy a few calls with a portion of the premium

    • Living, I posted a reply, but I don't see it here anymore...hopefully you left some powder dry, I think we are heading back to the $10.50-$11 range soon.

    • I second ss reply. I also have frinds waiting for a debt crises pullback to 10$
      As for me I loaded all in again with you at every 9$ retrace.

      A takeover OFFER is likely IMO after great study results since we have no side effect studies to worry the FDA. Cramer is right about the fast track IF cms can get on board

    • I would suggest adding a little at a time while over $10.25. That way, you get your feet wet and don't have to feel like the train left without you in case it takes off. If it dips below $10.25, take advantage of it. I say $10.25 since it is near the bottom of the channel since April, excluding the last dip, which happened for material reasons that are unlikely to repeat. There may be dips driven by the overall market as Congress struggles to pry their collective head out of their butt over the debt ceiling (remember last time?), but that opposes the expected run-up to the release of FDA study data.

    • Not to worry, living. You are not a "Loser" Now MS? That's another!

      But seriously now, why can't this dawg just hunt? If it closes down today, you know...well, that's all we're going to get. Not that's just pathetic! Not even a TEST of the prior high? If JPM can't get us going what can? I guess it's just a matter of too many of those gosh darn farrtker shorts waiting to short it at 12.00 - dontcha know....

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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