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  • u_fail_again u_fail_again Mar 6, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    Mstevens, Grow a pair or go away

    Acapulco gave you a list of stocks to make a "commitment' to, long or short and you either missed it on purpose because you have no balllllllssz OR/ you didn't see his challenge. Why don't you prove him wrong for all of us by giving each of his stocks a rating. Oh, I almost forgot, I noticed you said you were interested in shorting ENTR, so please give us your opinion on all 6. We all admire and respect you since you called EXAS so well, we just want you to prove it to your detractors that it was something more than just "blind-stupid-luck". Please don't let us down!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You_fail,
      She will NEVER take Acapulco's Long / Short for 20% challenge. Why should she when she can just make up #$%$ after the fact and pretend to have done it? This underlies my basic belief and certainty that mstevens is Troy, is a FEMALE. It's her nasty foul mouth that gives her away as a carpet muncher...

    • If you had half a brain you'd see I responded to Farrker alias #27 (you) already. If you want my help with your pathetic stock pics you're going to have to pay me huge doperbaby. Try getting a job or going back for your High School diploma, this isn't a good sandbox for you. You're just not smart enough to win here.

      P/S, already shorted entr @ $6 and made a good chunk, same with EXK and clsn. Too late dummy. LOL!!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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