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  • biotechinvestornow biotechinvestornow Jun 8, 2013 8:16 AM Flag

    Could be good timing for a partner deal?

    Consider, two commercial officers out now, lack of details about hiring sales people, lack of experience with regards to commercializing a product (remember KC's previous company was sold early on). Why not do a deal with an established lab or biotech that has sales people in place. We hear that they want to build out a lab to handle 1 million tests, this will take time and at best fall very short in attempts to replace FIT/FOBT(10 million tests annually), capacity issues are my concern. So, sales and marketing and lab operations will be their biggest challenge in my mind. I would like to hear a partner deal is coming or better yet an acquisition. To me it is all about commercialization and operational experience, we are no longer a research company testing in controlled settings. Getting Cologuard ready for daily clinical practice use will require a very talented team and we cannot afford to learn along the way.

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    • exas has neither the logistics, nor the experience to move into the chinese, a partner would allow exas the global reach to move into the global mkt, as was stated as a long-term goal by kc as a "board decision". i think exas is planning for a meteoric launch, and not just a few hundred thousand tests to start with. the small lab (1 million test capacity) will allow them the time to get things started, and figure out some things, but from a purely scalable issue, exas is just missing too many pieces. there is more than enough margin to allow investors to make a "killing", as the scale will overcome the higher margins given to a partner. whether there is a partnership, or an outsourcing relationship (as mentioned by kc) remains to be seen.

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    • This nice rally with no news could be a precursor to a partnership deal. I sold at $11.57 but bought back at $12.60 to see it go to $12.91. I have a $.05 trailing stop so I probably will get stopped out Monday but, if not, I'll be riding it up again. I can't see it closing above $13 ---- too soon. Should drop 5% before another step up to $13 plus. Doncha think? I bought TROV too just as a hedge.

    • You continue to "bark" up this Partnership tree, even though Kevin Conroy has made it clear that they do not wish to give away the fruits of their labor over the last 4 years. You also seem oblivious to the fact that Kevin has stated REPEATEDLY THAT THEY WANT TO BE ALE TO CONTROL PRICING FROM THE OUTSET OF THE LAUNCH.

      They will not be able to do that if they go into some kind of "partnership" with someone like a Quest or LabCorp.

      Some of you guys still don't get it.
      EXAS has a "Grand Slam" on their hands and they know it.
      They aren't giving it away to some dumb "partnership" which cuts their margins in half and doesn't give them ANY CONTROL over another Companies sales force and marketing effort.

      Ms. Stoltenberg could have "left" for a whole host of reasons, not too mention having a number of kids running around the house that doesn't allow her to travel like she would need to. I seem to recall that Exact's first VP of Marketing left for a similar reason. John Krayacich got tired of commuting to Madison from New Jersey and wasn't about to move given that he had kids in their senior year of high school.

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      • I agree with this. The fact that she is being retained as a consultant, and has been given a relocation package, makes me think that she needs/wants to move back from where she came and work from home. She likely has other consultancy gigs lined up, too.

        No doubt this news is the reason for the new 52-week high, as some shorts have obviously speculated that her departure is a signal that the company will soon be sold or that a partnership is coming.

    • I don't think we're looking at at acquisition, but the two people they let go do seem to imply a partner deal coming. That would likely keep a secondary from happening. If we go back and listen to KC awhile back, I thought he implied a partnership would happen with regards to more lab capacity because clearly one in Madison is not enough if Cologuard replaces FOBT/FIT which I think we all expect. LabCorp again?

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      • KC is on record as mentioning an "outsourcing" relationship and during the Q2 CC Maneesh indicated that this was a 2nd half story and would be talked about in specifics, then. KC also stated during the Q&A on several occasions that EXACT would be the LAB of RECORD.

        Not sure why you (and others) here continue to imply/speculate that some sort of a "partnership" is at hand with LabCorp, Quest, etc.... just because the VP of Marketing has been let go.

        In any event, a VP of Marketing will be required NO MATTER which route they decide to take.
        Anyone thinking otherwise, is just sadly mistaken.

    • that's what it looks like from there too.

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