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  • karmabeeotch karmabeeotch Jun 28, 2013 3:41 AM Flag

    I must apologize to all of you "cold dead fingers" types out there, but I cut bait today.

    I know, some of you will be angry, but the way I see it, the broad market made new highs while we floundered around almost a point lower than our previous high. Something is wrong here, I smelled it, and I bailed out. BTW. Went for my colonoscopy last week. No big deal. The insurance company covered all 2200.00 and guess what? They gave me a nice healthy dose of DEMROL for my trouble. VERY PLEASANT HIGH. What did they give the Cologuard clowns when they #$%$ in the big bowl?
    Best of luck to your all.
    SIGN ME OUT until the price comes down to reality (say, 12.00 or so)

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    • Sounds like you enjoyed your scope just a bit too much. I'm sure you were digging the prep as well, MMM MMM MMM. I'm sure the ins. co. loved paying 2200 for a test on someone with no issues. I wonder if they would prefer to do 5,6 or 7 tests for that price. If say 5% of Scopes find an actionable mass that would mean 95% of all scope are not needed, at 2200 a pop that's a lot of coin wasted. Now imagine a world with CG, only people that have a probable need for a scope will get one.

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    • There might be a last surge today to 6/11 high of $14.42 before bouncing back down, forming a double top. Also, it's the end of the month. GLTA!

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