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  • senior6analyst senior6analyst Jul 26, 2014 11:00 AM Flag

    EXAS case made for $30+ at "SA" new comments

    Look at "SA's" article and comments for "EXAS--Misunderstood & Undervalued." Dolye3000 and Harvey Gillis responded (7/25 & 7/26) to some inane comments with convincing logic on why EXAS is now highly undervalued and worth over $30. The comments back and forth have been rather entertaining, but the longs appear to be absolutely winning the debate over the uninformed or disingenuous shorts IMHO. Of course, I am biased as you know my intrinsic value analysis says EXAS is worth $40-$60 per share with FDA approval especially, if reimbursement is $300. Personally, I believe a few comments at the annual meeting hinted towards early FDA approval and a CMS rate of near $500 for comment soon.

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    • were you there señor or listening in? I haven't checked to see when the feed cut out yet, I wasn't there last year and remember being disappointed because the feed cut out right after the corporate voting

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      • We had an associate taking careful notes. He is sharp and knows the processes. A few subtle items this past week and at the meeting are pointing towards close coordination and optimism: 1) a clarification on age guidelines had some body language in the query of Dr. Berger that "the label says up to 84 years-dosen't it?" Note the reference to "the label." Good progress behind the scenes...?! 2) CMS is obligated for first week in September after 1 week of comments and we doubt with the paralled coordination that CMS will delay their whole package for the G-code (part of larger issue resolution) for an FDA decision. Hence, it seems that there is coordinative pressure on FDA to get the decision on Cologuard out prior to the issuance of the G-code. In other word, CMS is living up to its end of the historical "parallel process...?!" Conroy encouraged sharehholders to get their comments in...! 3) Kaiser stats imply they raised FIT/FOBT tests from 30-40% compliance to 70-80%. That implies that for 10MM tests there were 20MM-30MM prescriptions written. Hence, Cologuard has a higher number to displace than originally thought with follow-up programs by EXAS! 4) Conroy clarified some progress on the molecular platforms for the pipeline of pancreatic, IBD and esophogeal cancers. Pancreatic cancer is very slow growing (up to 30 years) and with high mortality. So, these applications could add another $2-$3 billion WW in tests in the future." These subtle clarifications and data points indicate that everything is moving towards converging, positifve events that could lead to a $40-$60 valuationby September. Be patient, the details are painting a rosy, life-saving picture whether you are a fan of Cologuard for $$$$ or saving your life. Yesterday's $15.99 price is a gift.

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    • That clown "PSalerno" is a joke.
      He claims to be a former surgeon living in Hungary.
      A big chat-board blowhard that knows literally nothing about anything.

      Has no clue about the American Healthcare System. Has posted about 200 times "negatively" on EXAS "SA" articles and yet claims to have no axe to grind. Has never shorted the stock, but in the past month claims to have traded some put options for a 30% gain. I guess they went from $1.00 to $1.30
      Who cares???

      Now... after listening to the recent earnings call he seems to have "warmed-up" a bit to EXAS.
      Hard to fathom, since he understands nothing about the FDA or the CMS process. He wasn't even aware that the 2 DNA methylation markers were being cross-walked to a leukemia marker (#81315) that carries a $283 price tag at CMS.

      He almost sounds like some Euro Kid playing on the Internet during his Summer Vacation.
      Harvey Gillis and some guy named Energy Trader have put him in his "place" on numerous occasions.
      Certainly entertaining.

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