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  • bigfingknowitall bigfingknowitall Jan 2, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    Should be up on oil prices

    This should be about a $90 stock. If (this is a big if) the CEO would split the company in two, it would be a $100 stock.

    Compared to other major integrated oil firms this one is cheap - but I think this one is the most behind-the-times, outdated.

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    • I agree that it should be up on oil prices. I bought nearly $50k of shares in September just before the downturn at $87.45. Had I used analytics, I would have sold the next day when it was going down and when the OPEC guys were in the news announcing "There's plenty of oil for everyone! By the way, for our part, we're going to ramp up production to make sure there's enough!" I'm holding on this stock till it goes back up to at least $87.45 and I getting out of it. I've been waiting months utterly tortured by this waiting process. I've even attempted to get a refund from the company but nobody will call me back on this. It should be more affordable for them now that it's closer to the price I paid. Billionaire Chanos bought some around the time that I did, but if he's stayed in, he is probably able to be in it long. All indicators today point toward another crossing of the lines which could me another upturn or major downturn and the down has happened too often these past few months.

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    • Oil price this morning is over $96.00 in Asia Trading.
      Looking good.

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    • What do you mean by split the company in two? The oil & gas exploration and production business is over 85% of the entire company. Chemicals and midstream are small. This is not the old COP or MRO that had big refining and Marketing operations. OXY is almost a pure E&P now. I guess you could either sell off or split off the international and concentrate on the US. The Chemical and Midstream also have higher returns than the E&P, but again it is miniscule compared to E&P.

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