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  • patient_lt_investor patient_lt_investor Feb 24, 2013 4:28 PM Flag

    OXY: Short Term or Long Term Investment?

    I see posts, on this board, from a number of short term OXY investors who are upset that they haven't made a fortune from their investment in few months time. The news is that OXY isn't a good short term investment.

    But it is a great long term investment. I bought about 1,200 shares of OXY for about $23,000 twenty years ago. I still own all those shares today, actually twice as many because they split once. Today, my OXY shares are worth $200,000. And the icing on the cake is OXY's dividends. The divvy payments over the years has more than covered the initial cost basis of my shares and this year I'll receive over $6,100 in OXY dividends. My only regret for my long term OXY investment is that I didn't let the dividends reinvest into buying more OXY over the years.

    If you want a gambling, short term, stock then OXY is not the place to be. If you are young, patient, and a long term investor then OXY might be for you. Good luck to all OXY shareholders.

    PS: I'll spend the dividends for my retirement but I'll leave the OXY shares to my heirs.

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    • Best of luck to you with that. With the management in place this company will continue to outperform the middle of the oil producers. Oxy is a pretty good company, but it is in no way Great. Much better opportunities with other companies if you are long. And you can get a better dividend.

    • Some of us, like me, are stupid investors in OXY. It was supposed to be a short-term play. Looks like Fund Managers got their profits recently by taking their clients out. Good work. I bought in at 87.45. I should have gotten out when the price went back up within the last two weeks. Big screw up on my part. I just want it to go back up and sell. Even if at 86.00, maybe even 85.00. Oxy is not a good play. Who cares about the dividends. It's better to make your own money from your own production than to rely on dividends like these. I want out at 87.45, Any takers?

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