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  • playthegameoflife playthegameoflife Feb 27, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    How does it feel to WAIT for Oxy to go back up to your initialy buy-in price?

    Waiting in line at the supermarket sucks, especially when it's long. Waiting for your spouse to finish shopping at the store when they're distracted also sucks. Waiting for that big promotion sucks. Waiting for food when you're hungry really sucks. Waiting for OXY to go back up again towards the price levels that you bought in, really sucks. Fund managers pulled their money out for their clients en masse. That sucks. Who knows when they will buy back in. Aren't they interested in dividends? Waiting sucks. Someone, kick Oxy in the #$%$ and make it go right. Insiders should be buying some stock now instead of selling small amounts like Cynthia Lynn Walker did at around $88. That was also an indicator of a top. This means she knows it isn't worth more than where we're at today, around 81-82.00. If more insiders invested in their own company, well, then we would have some reality that it's got some worth. Right now, I'm freaking out that it's going to drop down the 70-something level by end of this week. WAITING is very low on the emotional tone scale because it just makes investors fearful, anxious or angry. That's why they say things on the boards. Confidence in a company or stock results from people buying it, especially insiders and fund managers. You want to take it to much higher levels the way people have taken Apple because they know there is true value. This one is dynamic on the downside, not the upside. It's a waiting game that could last another year or two before it gets to the level where I need to get out. Waiting the six months I waited for it to get to 87 this year was torture. I did screw up by not making sure my stop order was in at 87.45. It is now, but I check it daily to make sure it sticks. I'm holding unless it starts going downward. Right now it's just a $3k loss, but I hate paying the increased Obama taxes on raising back the lost capital. I really need that to raise money to make my house safety-code compliant in order to sell it and get out before the Fed raises interest rates. Then it's raising another $20k to kill some debts for the family. That's my story as an Oxy investor. I need out because it's been bad for me. I'm not making any progress and it was quite a screw up the last two weeks. Stress can make you fat, tired, anxious, irate, but WAITING for this stock to go up is giving me some gray hairs that I never had before. Premature graying! Oh, yes, I'm all-in as everything I've got is in Oxy. Stupid move, huh? I thought I could do no harm to my capital with a big American Oil & Gas Company. Wrong! Prove me wrong more well-endowed investors, go for it! I dare you to invest more money in Oxy, especially so that you qualify for the next increased dividend. I'm holding, but I say, you buy!

    Sentiment: Hold

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