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  • steamfitterlocal81 steamfitterlocal81 Jul 1, 2011 6:07 PM Flag

    Major Layoff in the Works

    When Fairpoint took over Verizon in 2008 they advertised aggressively to appeal to the public by touting the 650 new workers that they would employ. Now all the talk is about the 650 jobs that they want to destroy. 10% to 20% of the 3400 employees will be laidoff by the end of August. The UNION claims that they have not been notified by the company, I beg to differ, my sources tell me otherwise. They don't want you to loaf for the next 8 weeks while on payroll !!! STAY TUNED and mark the date of this posting. I really feel sorry for all of my brothers and sisters who are about to have thier lives turned inside out. Somebody with some political clout needs to remove this train wreck of a company from Northern New England and FAST.

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    • this is what should happen:

      -Put all the managers desks at central office locations and close down all corporate headquarters except one.

      - get rid of 1/2 the bucket trucks and put people in small pickups with hooks and make them climb

      -anyone who stands against the wall and looks down their belly and can't see their flaccid pee pee without sucking in their gut is fired

      -all women who have a bodyfat content greater than 30% should be fired

      -anyone who shows up to work without outdoor gear and anzi rated boots should be fired.

      -anyone wearing wingtip type shoes with thin socks should be fired.

      -Everyone should report to a field location at least one time per week.

      -anyone who holds a meeting to schedule another meeting is fired

      -anyone who spends more than 4 hours per day in meetings should be fired

      -anyone seen at the restraunt at 10 am in the morning should be fired

      -anyone who doesn't bring their own lunch to the jobsite should be fired

      -anyone who can't explain the first 2 layers in the OSI stack should be fired

      -all people should be rated based on work completed, including managers...bring back a unit based measuring system.

      - place all span of control at 7 people. Eliminate all middlemanagement that doens't have 7 reporting people including engineers.

      - can most of the OSP engineering staff and make the linecrew foreman make the decisions on how construction is completed.

      - Renegotiate the union contract based upon unit production. Anyone who fails to meet their units for 3 consecutive quarters is fired.

      - shutdown all OT other than for emergency outages and make people do their jobs in an 8 hour day.

      - tell the PUC to stuff it.

      -fire the company president if he's not profitable in 2 quarters.

    • It's a spiral all right. Bad service leads to customers leaving leading to layoffs leading to worse service.

    • I don't remember any company that prospered through shrinkage. Shrinkage is either a death spiral, or a prelude to being acquired.

    • Well said, pal... And like you have had some amusement with the banter. but when it comes to jobs it's another story, and do feel some have taken joy in seeing job loss. Sick farks. I've seen them reduce numbers through attrition, by doing some voluntary layoffs. In the end I don't think any of it ever helped the bottom line. Glad we are out of the mess, but hate to see people suffer under the "Peter Principal" where management has excelled tho the point of their own incompetence, and then just stay there "cause they've done such a great job in the past... humph ....Peace Bro

    • This layoff was decided back in June and I posted on July 1st. How the UNION can claim that they knew nothing is beyond me. All I heard was how ignorant I was. Now for part 2 of the bad news.... The company has plans for another 400 layoffs on round 2. They plan to keep laying off until they can show a profit with NO regards to service. The origional plan was to cut 800 heads by the end of the year. Before you try to bash me again, I take no pride in "I told you so." The UNION needs to do a better job in helping all the dislocated workers in this economy. Playing possum is no way to help it's members!!!

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      • Mike, aka Steamfitter, You are IGNORANT!! Not only was the Union not made aware of all these surplus employees, nor were any of the managers below the executive levels. The Union was not made aware of the numbers until last Thursday.

        Fairpoint Executives are NOT working the Union. They are keeping them in the dark. No one is playing possum!!

        Move on with your sorry life Mike. You were never happy at Verizon or Fairpoint. Nice job, nice pay, and nice benefits. and you still were not happy. SO MOVE ON!!!

      • Interesting revelation. I was concerned that the first 400 was the entire amount to be laid off. It sucks that folks lose their jobs but another 400 means the company will save another $40mm per year. Another step in the right direction to profitability. Management said they needed to lay off 800 employees to be in line with Windstream and Frontier and its encouraging to see them follow through.

        This means they will do $350mm of EBITDA next year and $170mm of free cash flow in 2012 which is about $7 per share.

    • Come On Mike aka Steamfitter!! For you to suggest that the Union is holding out on information to its members is as ignorant a statement as you are as a person.

      Move on with your life!! This chapter is OVER for you.

      If the Union had ANY information about possible layoffs of its members, I am POSITIVE they would relay that info to them. For you to state otherwise, is plain IGNORANT!!!

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      • First of all Tommy aka fairpointkoolaid let me say that I hope that I am ignorant on this matter and all employees including temps remain employed and have fulfilling careers.
        Second, I believe that the UNION has very good intentions and is doing it's very best to put out all the fire bombs that FRP keeps throwing their way. I'm sure they will do their best to reduce the final numbers and find holes to fill. The UNION will release final numbers only after everything is finalized and minimized. I am happy that you took the time to clarify the the situation. I will sleep beter tonight knowing there will be no reduction in forces per Paul Sunu.

    • me a purely unionized Telecom company, in the USA that makes money? Can't say Verizon because verizon wireless is non-union. Can't say T because t wireless is non union.

      Used to be a unioned telcom co could make money [eg. new england tel] but something happened? Common link might be the Telcom act in the late 90's. Politicians changed the groundrules now you're asking for them to change them back?

      train has left the station. Welcome to the ranks of the global world. You're standard of living is now in competion with Joe Chang from rural china at a pay rate of $2 per hour on a good day....unless you think you're better than him??

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      • Yeah, I'm better than Joe Chang, and a shitload cheaper too.. I can install equipment and a turn up a internet line or phone line much cheaper than anyone in china can.

      • You do make a valid point with the downward wage pressures on the middle class, but this is a service industry and not a manufacturing plant that can be relocated to China. The poles, cable, fiber, and customers are all on U.S.A. soil and must continue to pay a middle class wage. I don't want politicians to change any rules, I want an ILEC who is willing to play the game. FRP doesn't run facilities to new developments or new businesses because they feel that there won't be enough business to justify costs. If a cable suffers a power burn that is service effecting and you notify management, they instruct you to put a bandaid fix on it. 2 years later, still no permanent repair, just a trash bag draped over the damage. I have seen small businesses hung out to dry for 8 months by FRP when a burried service has gone bad and a parking lot needed to be cut open for repair. You asked for a union telco that makes money, I'll show you one. FRONTIER with over 14000 employees. Here is the link.

    • anyone know when the current contract is up for renewel?

    • I was hired on in Sept '08 in the back office (tech reporting/support) with the promise of a really bright future. By June of '09, after the cutover from Verizon, I was laid off like a piece of crap, along with several others. We were caught totally off guard - but looking back, it was obvious from the start that we were hired just to get them through the cutover. I don't feel too badly for the company's financial ruin, but the employees are a different story. I

    • You know it's not just New England, they do their dirty deeds all over the country, Florida, New york, Ohio, PA Kansas City etc. My deepest sympathy to all those involved. Sad sad day when MJD was formed.

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