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  • micpman micpman Jul 3, 2012 9:56 AM Flag

    Century Link buying Fairpoint?

    Hearing rumors that an announcement will be made Monday 7/9.

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    • I hope not. I worked at Fairpoint for 7 months.I hope it is the worst job I will ever have.I have never seen such a "goat rodeo".The only thing keeping the hellhole afloat is that it is a public utility. If the regular laws of business were applied Fairpoint would have gone Chapter 11 for the third time.
      Otter and G Money man- stop squabbling and get out for good!

    • Why would they buy before frp have all their union negotiations finished (2014) and why would management sell at less than $25 per share?
      The company needs more time to transition more of their revenues and at the same time, due to levarage, the ev for price to go up to $25 is 40% (only...) and for 2.5 years of improvments, if I were ctl I would wait and let current management finish their job.
      If frp got the union negotiations over and got the business a bit more organized, it would be worth more for both parties.
      ctl needs a cash cow, not a capex machine and untill there is substantial fcf by frp (1-2 years down the road) it will not make sense for them to purchase it and it would not make sense for ftr or any of the others to do so as well.
      wish it was true for sake of the employees atleast, but hedge funds with average cost of $20+ would not sell at less than $25 and no one will pay 250% premium without having their shareholders fire them.
      only my opinion and I could be wrong.

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      • I agree that it would make more sense for someone to wait until the contract is taken care of.

        But who's to say that the Union and the Company are not already working on a deal behind the scenes to make a sale happen before 2014?

        Well, Like I said. Its a "Rumor" thats going around within the company. Some of the sources are very knowledgable about whats going on within the company.

    • Wow, that would be great for employees, stockholders, and NNE telecom. Talked to a guy in Portland the other day, FRP employee, who was still shaking his head at management, but was really proud of how much fiber and other improvements the outside folks have made in the past year. Sort of an up yours to Verizon. Guess the Maine PUC folks who voted the deal in have gone on to bigger and better things. Like lobbying. Actually haven't checked to see who is on the PUC as of now. Watch em nix the Centurylink sale, heh. Have a great 4th!!!!!!!

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