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  • steamfitterlocal81 steamfitterlocal81 Feb 27, 2014 8:52 AM Flag

    New Business Model

    Fairpoint's latest brain storm to keep it's self afloat is expand the $7.8 million dollar Universal Service Fund by $67 million a year and to be the recipient of all the monies in Maine. Fairpoint would like to charge it's few existing customers an additional $2 per month and everyone else who uses a phone (cell, cable, ect...) a $5 per month USF fee to raise the monies. This is at a time when the USF fund is being faded out because new technologies are replacing old. Everybody who left this company due to the rotten service they provide would be forced to subsidize them under their latest plan. This will be their last chance for survival. The Hedge Funds that purchased this bankruptcy debt for pennies on the dollar are reaching for the stars on this one trying to get some of their foolish "investment" back. Meanwhile, local management continues to play it's childish productivity game and pad it's numbers for bonuses and defraud investors.

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    • I cannot believe that this POS is at this price. Two bankruptcies. Reverse split. Still can't make money. Declining business model with high fixed costs. Am I missing something?

    • "brain storm........ it's self afloat"
      Sounds like you're experiencing a "brain drought" Mike. Try "itself" next time.
      Just curious, have you been able to shake that slack-jaw, fly catcher expression since you got fired?

      • 1 Reply to alexgbell2007
      • Thank you for the spell check. Ever since I visited with CWA Local 1298 in Hamden, Connecticut, I have not been able to rid myself of the slack jaw, fly catcher expression on my face. I mean really, $23.00 per hour is top pay for a premise technician and they pay $300.00 per month for their own medical. Every technician that has been hired after 1990 has been surplussed into this position. This is the highest paying state in AT&T's footprint. No other state breaks $20.00 per hour.This is where you will be come August 1st. School janitors make more money than a phone tech in Connecticut. Workers in Northern New England always work at a discounted rate to Connecticut. You have 5 months left to your career as you know it. The stage has been set by your union. There is no way that that NNE will remain higher paid than Connecticut or California. You should not worry though, I'm sure that you will be able to find employment as a proof reader.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. You should move to orlando and work at disneyland because everything you spew is a fantasy.

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